Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – a book review

This is a review of the book entitled :

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty. Don’t Treat Thirst With Medications.

F Batmanghelidj, MD, 1992, Global Health Solutions.

 Read this book because it will  improve your health.

This book is the “how to” on being properly hydrated and thus healthy.

It’s about how being properly hydrated leads to excellent health and transforms people from illness to good health.

How much water should I drink each day?


The minimum for an
adult to drink each day is six to eight glasses – the glass size is an
eight ounce glass.


Imagine living daily in a state of optimum health and well-being – feeling alert and happy and full of good energy. Free from aches and pains and perpetual fatigue.

If you want to get to this place I urge you to read on to get to a place of optimum well-being.

If you are not properly hydrated then you will never get to the place of optimum health and well-being,

You can exercise and eat well however if you are dehydrated you will not make it to the good place

Most important are the negative effects on your health that are caused by being in a dehydrated state on a daily basis. This is important knowledge for you to be aware of for your sake and the ones you care for.

Who is this book for? Anyone who wants to significantly improve their health and well-being by drinking the right amount of water each day.

What the book details

In his book Dr. Batmanghelidj MD gives detailed information about the very negative  effects of dehydration on your body and how dehydration leads to many illnesses.

It is one of the leading causes of asthma. When your body is dehydrated your lung function is seriously affected and reduced.

Children are particularly at risk from dehydration because their bodies are small and their reserve of water is similarly small. A child can become really dehydrated quickly – especially in hot weather. They forget to drink until they feel thirsty and by that time they are significantly dehydrated, tired and grumpy.

He details how to hydrate the body and reduce the effects of the illnesses so that in time they disappear altogether.

His experience and knowledge cannot be refuted and has not been. He is a true authority on the negative effects of dehydration.

A great part of the book is the testimonials of people whose lives have been transformed by his help and advice – from poor health to good health. Both children and adults experiences are detailed.

These great testimonials include the reduction in frequency and severity of asthma attacks due to proper hydration being achieved.

Salt is a very important ingredient for good health. Salt is the source of sodium for  your body and sodium is needed by every cell in your body to function properly.

Sodium is water soluble and thus you need to take salt daily to keep the sodium level in your cells at the correct level.Low salt diets are dangerous for your health.

If you drink more water then you need to take in more salt . For an adult the recommended quantity is a level teaspoon per day when you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day – the minimum daily requirement..

If you drink too much water the sodium level in your body will reduce to dangerously low levels and lead to swelling of the brain. Similarly if you do take enough salt your body’s sodium levels will become depleted and lead to illness.

So live well and take the correct amount of water to be well hydrated but also take salt to maintain the essential sodium levels for your body.

Should you buy it for yourself and your friends?

Yes because proper hydration is one of the important pillars to good health. The one book contains all you need to know on how to get there.

The book also details the very negative effects of dehydration. Its important to know this so that you can help yourself and others to be healthy and well.

It is very clear, easy to understand and well written.

About The Author – F. Batmanghelidj, MD – an amazing journey.

What a life. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was born in Iran in 1931. He went to Fettres College in Scotland and graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School Of London University.

There he studied under the mentorship of Sir Alexander Flemming who shared a Nobel prize for the
discovery of penicillin.

Dr Batmanghelidj  MD practiced medicine in England and then returned to Iran where he helped to create hospitals and medical centers.

In 1979 Iran was beset by revolution and Dr. Batmanghelidj  MD was arrested and detained as a political prisoner. He was incarcerated in the infamous Evin Prison along with 3000 others. The conditions were awful in a prison that by design could hold a maximum of 1000 inmates.

Soon the prisoners were aware that he was a doctor and came to him for help. Ha asked the prison administrators for medical supplies and medicine to treat his fellow prisoners. Hi requests were denied. The overcrowding in the prison was very bad and there were many ill men.

The stress was huge. Each day men were taken away for interrogation and often they were executed.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD had no supplies. There was nothing he use to treat his fellow prisoners except for salt and water. It was in this precarious situation that he discovered the healing powers of water.

The  main complaint among the prisoners was stress induced peptic ulcers.

The first patient he treated had severe peptic ulcer pain. Dr. Batmanghelidj MD gave him two glasses of water and told him to take 2 more every three hours. The man became pain free on following this regime and was free of this complaint for the 4 months he remained in prison.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD was incarcerated in Evin prison for two years and seven months. He chose to stay an extra four months to research the powerful effect of water as a healing agent for the body and help many prisoners.

In 1982, he was released from prison and escaped to America. His findings on the use of water to heal peptic ulcers and the effects of dehydration on this condition were published by The Journal Of Clinical Gastroenterology in 1983 and The New York Times Science Watch in 1983.

He continued to practice medicine and study the negative effects of dehydration plus the curative power of water when patients were properly hydrated.

In 1992, he wrote and published the first edition of his book “The Body’s Many Cries For Water”.

He continued his research and went on to write 5 other books about the negative effects of dehydration. He focused on particular issues such as asthma, obesity, depression and other serious medical conditions. He toured and lectured and gave interviews on radio and television.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD, passed on November 15, 2004, from pneumonia complications aged 73.

Controversy – taking it to the medical establishment.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD was fearless in promoting his message of how wellness depends upon being properly hydrated. He took on the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession for improper prescribing of medicines when the problem was caused by dehydration.

Below is a quote from the preface of his book :

“It is a fact that correctly prescribed and used medications make over 2 million people sicker and kill over 100,000 every year, while mistakes involving prescription medications kill a further 100,000 per year…….. But the most fundamental mistake is the actual use of normally prescribed chemicals in standard treatment procedures. This is the true killer process. The reason is simple : when the body needs a top-up of water, it is given toxic chemicals instead.

In 2003 the unthinkable happened. Dr. Allen Roses, international vice-president of Glaxo-SmithKline, one of the major manufacturers of drugs in the world went public in a front-page interview with the Independent newspaper in London, England. He admitted , “The vast majority of drugs – more than 90% – only work in 30 to 50 percent of the

“The two previous editions of this book addressed the issue of dehydration as the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body. You are now aware that most drugs do not help patients; indeed these drugs can harm or even kill them…..”

“After all when the body needs water nothing else will do.”

Take action to improve your health and your family’s and friends health.

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This review of mine appears on another website I have created  and thus is not plagiarism but motivated by the importance of this book and my need to tell as may people as I can about it.

Wishing you and your family optimum health.

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