Why Create This Site?

Vitamins For  Good Health and  Nutrition

Hi my name is Jack and welcome to my website which is all about good health and nutrition with a focus on vitamins. I am passionate about people being healthy and enjoying good health.

Despite billions being spent on health care the rates of serious illness in our society are sky rocketing so I want to share with you how to prevent illness and disease through proper nutrition and hydration.

I want to provide you with information about the role of vitamins and good nutrition.

I have never been told by a main-stream medical practitioner – allopathic medical practitioners – about how important vitamins are for good health and well-being.

This is an area of nutrition that is so important and I aim to provide information for you about the role of vitamins as part of a good nutrition regime.

Take Charge of Your Health

Like all of you I have experienced health issues during my life and so have my family and friends.  I used to go to the doctor and rely entirely on the doctor for healing and getting back to good health. Most of us do.

The thing is that doctors never mentioned nutrition to me and how it is so important for good health. They only considered my condition and symptoms then gave a prescription that focused on the symptoms.

I was not even aware of proper hydration let alone nutrition.

I have been very lucky to meet people who know a lot about using vitamins as a key part of good in nutrition plus other key factors that contribute to good  health and well-being. I have also found experts in the field of vitamins and nutrition as a result of my own research.

What I have discovered is amazing and powerful. My aim is to share my findings with you and give you the chance to reclaim your health and look after yourself rather than delegate that choice to others. It’s about information; choice and independence.

Why Am I Doing This?

The main aim of this site is to provide you with information and personal choice for optimizing your nutrition and health. Be healthy and your life is so much better.

Vitamins have no toxic side effects.

The side effects of prescribed medications can be serious and life threatening. The cure is worse that the complaint

Each year thousands of people die from the side effects of PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS.

People die from the side effects of the medicine their doctor gave them through proper channels. Rule 1 check out the side effects of the prescribed medicines your are taking.


The Aim Of This Site

The purpose of this site is to inform you and thus give you the options to make good choices for your nutrition.

If you  have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Please note that there is a cost to me to create and maintain this site and I will at times put links in this site.  If you use the links to make purchases this will provide me with a commission.

This will help pay for the hosting and maintenance costs for this site – about $350 annually in direct costs plus the time I spend creating content. Thank you for helping to make this site possible.

All the best and good health


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