Why Create This Site?

Vitamins For  Good Health and  Nutrition

Hi my name is Jack and welcome to my website which is all about good health and nutrition with a focus on vitamins. I am passionate about people being healthy and enjoying good health.

Despite billions being spent on health care the rates of serious illness in our society are sky rocketing so I want to share with you how to prevent illness and disease through proper nutrition and hydration.

I want to provide you with information about the role of vitamins and good nutrition.

I have never been told by a main-stream medical practitioner – allopathic medical practitioners – about how important vitamins are for good health and well-being.

Vitamins cause natural healing of diseases both physical and mental health.

This is an area of nutrition that is so important and I aim to provide information for you about the role of vitamins as part of a good nutrition regime.

Take Charge of Your Health

Like all of you I have experienced health issues during my life and so have my family and friends.

I used to go to the doctor and rely entirely on the doctor for healing and getting back to good health. Most of us do.

The thing is that doctors never mentioned nutrition to me and how it is so important for good health. They only considered my condition and symptoms then gave a prescription that focused on the symptoms.

I was not even aware of proper hydration let alone nutrition.

I have been very lucky to meet people who know a lot about using vitamins as a key part of good in nutrition plus other key factors that contribute to good  health and well-being. I have also found experts in the field of vitamins and nutrition as a result of my own research.

What I have discovered is amazing and powerful. My aim is to share my findings with you and give you the chance to reclaim your health and look after yourself rather than delegate that choice to others.

It’s about information; choice and independence.

Vitamin deficits result in diseases

Diseases Of Malnutrition – acknowledged by the medical profession and the government. Verified by science

  • Pellagra – symptoms start with fatigue and depression and can grow to dermatitis, diarrhea, psychosis, dementia and death. The cause is a deficit of the B vitamins and iron
  • Arthritis – joint pain and swelling and loss of bone mass. Leads to fine and large fractures. Cause is a deficit of vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium and magnesium. Low energy, fatigue and depression are also symptoms.
  • SAD – seasonal affective disorder or depression. Cause by a vitamin D deficit especially during the winter and spring.
  • Scurvy – the body is unable to make collagen to repair itself. Loss of teeth, joint, function and bleeding via damaged arteries and blood vessels. This can be undiagnosed at first until the symptoms become worse. It initially is fatigue, pain and lack of energy. The cause is a deficit of vitamin C which prevents the body from repairing itself and in particular the manufacture of collagen – required for body repair and cell replacement.
  • Rickets. A disease that affects children in the main. A deficit of vitamin D, vitamin B, magnesium and calcium causes fragile bones and deformation of the bones.
  • Arrhythmia – uneven heart beat. A deficit of magnesium cause muscle spasms including the heart muscles. Magnesium is used by every cell in your body and a deficit causes ill health – cramps and leg twitches are a symptom along with irregular heart beat. This causes stress on the cardiovascular system and loss of flexibility in the smooth muscle of the arteries.
  • Selenium is an important mineral. It’s necessary for many processes, A lack of selenium may cause
    • hypothyroid syndrome – not enough thyroid hormone is produced for proper metabolism
    • cell replacement requires selenium
    • reproduction – causes infertility. Farmers provide it as a supplement to stock to avoid this serious issue.
    • protection from infection – the immune systems needs this element to work effectively
    • skin problems
    • depression and fatigue.
  • Zinc is another key element needed by all cells in the body to function well and a shortage often manifests as skin problems.
  • Hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland can produce enough thyroid hormone for the body to remain healthy. Symptoms are fatigue, depression and goiter. Prolonged deficit of thyroid hormone leads to malfunction of the immune system and lack of protection against infections both viral and bacterial. This can be cured with additional iodine plus vitamin supplementation with C, B complex, D and multivitamin and mineral supplementation.
  • Beriberi is a disease caused by a vitamin B-1 deficiency – thiamine deficiency. Beriberi affects the heart and circulatory system. Beriberi can cause heart failure.

There is growing evidence that malnutrition – a deficit of key vitamins and minerals – is a cause of serious illnesses including the ones listed above which have been acknowledged by government medical authorities.

Research has discovered that the herpes virus has been found to be a factor in causing artery damage in animals and birds.

There is no doubt that when the body is malnourished it is more susceptible to infections [ both viral and bacterial] and suffers from physical damage to cells and organs and structure.

Oxidation is simply the effect of oxygen reacting with matter. In our bodies it affects all of our cells. Its part of living however it can be reduced by taking anti-oxidants – vitamin C is a proven anti-oxidant.


Why Am I Doing This?

The main aim of this site is to provide you with information and personal choice for optimizing your nutrition and health. Be healthy and your life is so much better.

Vitamins have no toxic side effects. No one has died from vitamin side effects in the last twenty years.

The side effects of prescribed medications can be serious and life threatening. The cure is worse than the complaint

Each year thousands of people die from the side effects of PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS.

People die from the side effects of the medicine their doctor gave them through proper channels. Rule 1 check out the side effects of the prescribed medicines your are taking.


The Aim Of This Site

The purpose of this site is to inform you and thus give you the options to make good choices for your nutrition.

If you  have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.


This is a not for profit website.



All the best and good health


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