How much water should I drink daily?



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Is it important how much water I should drink daily?

If you want your body to function properly and you want to feel well and happy then yes its VERY important.

If you do not drink enough water each day you will become ill.

Proper Hydration Process – to health

Its an easy routine if you  drink  two glasses  when you first get up in the morning.

Drink two glasses of water before lunch.

Drink two glasses of water at 3 in the afternoon.

Drink two glasses of water before dinner.

Set a reminder on your phone – it works well.  Eight glasses minimum per day.

Drink before meals because your body needs a lot of water to operate your digestive system and properly digest food.

So how do I know this?

From my own experience and my family and friends. From research into this question. I have an incredible source of information and expertise whose wisdom and experience I will reveal in this article.

The bottom line is that you will be very unhealthy if you are dehydrated.

All sorts of physical problems and eventually disease will manifest in your body. Say goodbye to your health and well-being.

Ah you say I will get help from my doctor. My doctor will give me medicines to fight the disease and reduce the pain.

First off it will cost you plenty and secondly you will not get better while you are dehydrated. Water is cheap but effective.

Has your doctor ever impressed upon you the importance of being properly hydrated and how much water you need to drink to be properly hydrated?


Lets Cut Right To It – Your Daily Water Drinking Calculator


The first point is that this is for water only – other liquids don’t count. You want to find out why? See below.

Your adult body needs an absolute minimum of 6 to 8  eight ounce glasses of water per day. Source F. Batmanghellidj, MD, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water ,1992, Global Health Solutions Inc pp137-138

The amount of water you should drink daily is calculated from your body weight as is as follows :

divide your body weight in pounds by two to get how many ounces of water to drink each day

A 100 pound woman needs to drink 50 ounces of water per day.

A 200 pound man needs to drink 100 ounces of water per day.

In metrics this calculation is :

for each kilo of body weight drink 33 mils of water per day

a 90 kilo man needs to drink 90*0.033 = 2.97 litres of water per day

a 45 kilo woman needs to drink 45*0.033 = 1.48 litres of water per day.

Go to this link to read a review of : Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”.  Its the how to of how much water to drink each day.

Click here to read a review  of the book

Signs Of Adequate Hydration

So there it is. If your urine is clear you are hydrated properly. If its slightly yellow you need more water. If its an orange/brown colour you are very dehydrated and need to hydrate as soon as possible.

If you are taking vitamins or anything else that affects your urine colour just drink the calculated amount for your body weight.

Carry out the re-hydration over time and do not force water intake. Stick to the guideline of water intake for your body weight.

Drinking too much water is also bad for the body.

I hear you  but what about drinking tea or coffee?  It’s liquid surely.  Yes it is surely liquid but tea and coffee are not hydrating liquids – the reverse is true. They make us pee more and you lose more liquid than you took in.


Guess why tea is a major in the slimming/diet industry. It’s a bit sick really – you lose weight by peeing a lot but you will become dehydrated.

In advanced societies, thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol and manufactured drinks are desirable substitutes for the natural water needs of the daily “stressed” body is an elementary but catastrophic mistake. It is true these beverages contain water, but they also contain dehydrating agents.”

Source F. Batmanghellidj, MD, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water ,1992, Global Health Solutions Inc p 4


So the more tea, coffee, alcohol and manufactured drinks, like long-life juices and sodas, you drink the more dehydrated your body becomes. Your dehydration grows steadily worse. Pepsi and Coke do not make you happy and energetic or slim and beautiful.

So what you say – I am tough and I can handle this.

Read on about the affects of dehydration.

The Bad Stuff dehydration does to your body

What happens to your body if you do not drink enough water daily.

For your convenience I have split it into short-term and long-term affects.

Short-term affects of dehydration :

– dry skin and wrinkles

-fatigue/weariness even after a night of sleep

-cannot concentrate and find it hard to do tasks

– head aches/migraine

– irritable


– indigestion

– dry eyes

– dry mucus membranes. You know what they are.

– varicose veins

– joint pain – back, neck, knees, ankles etc

– wake up feeling tired

and the list goes on. Life becomes harder because you are unwell due to dehydration. Do you know someone who has one or more of these symptoms?

Has your medical professional ever suggested that your life would improve greatly if you drank more water?  Were you told how much to drink to enjoy good health.

Long-term affects of dehydration

Not only do you have the short-term ones listed above but others, more serious, can also develop from prolonged dehydration :

– asthma. More on this shortly.

– severe indigestion

– allergies including skin rashes

– obesity/depression

– severe constipation leading to other digestive tract issues

– joint pain and the wearing out of joints natural protection leading to permanent arthritis of the joints and back

– high blood pressure

– stress and depression

– malfunctioning immune system

– body organs not functioning properly and associated diseases of the organs and body in general.

-breathing problems including asthma and emphysema

-varicose veins/hemorrhoids

– deteriorating eyesight

– poor sleep patterns/breathing while asleep

-erectile dysfunction

Plus more . Read the book to find out the negative effects on you health of dehydration. The good new is its easy and cheap to recover . Drink the right quantity of water every day.

So you think a regime of coffee, tea and sodas plus manufactured juices are just the best?  Perhaps you are just too tired to think straight.

Dehydration and children

Like most parents I discovered that things happen quickly with children and this is because they do not have the body mass and reserves of adults to cushion them against health issues. Rapid onset dehydration is a big one. Due to small reserves they can quickly become dehydrated.

Plus children do not drink unless told to.  They are too busy.  They tend to drink only when they feel thirsty and that is when they are already significantly dehydrated.

When your child gets up in the morning and arrives home give them a glass of water and make sure they drink it. Make them drink at least one  glass of water before meals.

Your body needs a lot of water to digest food. It draws water into your stomach to create digestive juices. It also needs water to move digested food through your body and eliminate waste.

Constipation is a clear signal of dehydration.

A well hydrated child is a happy child.


It’s much easier than dealing with a tired and irritable child or even worse a hyperactive child who is almost off the planet due to the sugar and chemical rush from a soda or fruit juice  – sodas are full of sugar and caffeine and other chemical additives.

Lots of juices are too – check the ingredients list.  Yoghurt also contains heaps of sugar on average and will send a child into the hyperactive zone.

Sodas drive kids crazy.

There is often more caffeine in them than a cup of Starbuck’s finest! The sugar content of sodas is huge. Sodas dehydrate.

One of the frightening side effects of dehydration in a child is asthma. It can happen easily and quickly. The body reacts automatically to a water shortage in the body and it allocates its diminished supply of water to those parts of the body critical for life function.

This negatively affects the lung function very quickly in children.

In his book Dr Bantmanghelidj MD explains this process very well and in detail in chapter 9 of his book. He also explains how re-hydrating the child at the first sign of breathing issues greatly helps to diminish the severity of the asthma event.

Give the child a glass of water at the first sign of breathing issues and a small amount of salt on the tongue before taking the water – salt is a natural antihistamine.

See more about salt further on in this article and in books written by Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD.

Carry out the re-hydration over time and do not force water intake. Drinking too much water at once is also bad for the body.

If you or any members of your family experience asthma I strongly recommend you buy his books. They are an excellent explanation of the cause of asthma and how to treat it. Read his books: Your Body”s Many Cries For Water. and ABC Of Asthma Allergies & Lupus .


Keep using your regular asthma products until advised not to or you don’t need them.

Drink more water. Do both together and as hydration improves so will your health.

Read the testimonials in the doctor’s books – he has written several books which detail why and how dehydration is a cause of asthma in children and adults.

His advice has helped so many reduce the debilitating effects of asthma and with proper hydration it often goes away.

Re-hydrate Slowly and Do Not Over-drink !

Oh really? But you have been ranting about dehydration?  So  get healthy  – regain your health slowly.

Be kind to your body.  Re-hydrate slowly so that you do not overload your body with a sudden increase in water consumption. Start having two glasses of water when you wake up. Have two before lunch and dinner.

Ease into your new healthy life style. Do not be stuck in your commute bursting for the rest room or whatever you call it in your country.

It’s not good for your body to drink too much water.

Stick to the calculator above for determining how much to drink and use commonsense to drink more if you are active in hot weather –  but not too much.

When you increase your water intake and become hydrated take a least a level teaspoon of salt per day – not all at once! Take a portion each time you drink water.  Salt is not bad for you – it provides the sodium your body needs  at a cellular level for the nutrition of your body cells and the hydration of them.

Excess salt does contribute to high blood pressure however insufficient salt also makes you ill.

Dehydration is the major cause of high blood pressure.

Use salt without additives – especially avoid salt with additives to make it flow properly.  Sea salt and himalayan salt are good.

Do not take the salt all at once. Put a level teaspoon in a small container. You take it with you. Before drinking water wet your finger and stick it in the salt and then put the salt on your tongue. Then drink the water.

Salt is a very important ingredient for good health. Salt is the source of sodium for  your body and sodium is needed by every cell in your body to function properly.

Sodium is water soluble and thus you need to take salt daily to keep the sodium level in your cells at the correct level.Low salt diets are dangerous for your health.

If you drink more water then you need to take in more salt . For an adult the recommended quantity is a level teaspoon per day when you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day – the minimum daily requirement..

If you drink too much water the sodium level in your body will reduce to dangerously low levels and lead to swelling of the brain.

If you do not take enough salt each day your body’s sodium levels will become depleted and lead to illness.

So live well and take the correct amount of water to be well hydrated but also take salt to maintain the essential sodium levels for your body.

Just One More Thing ! For Mature Folks ( I’m being polite)

We get older. There’s no option! As we age the body can have problems distinguishing between the feelings of thirst and hunger.

It will also not feel thirsty – send the thirst message to your brain – until you are quite dehydrated. By this stage you have a lot to catch up.

What to do? Well if you feel hungry drink a glass of water before eating. See what happens. Maybe you were thirsty and not hungry.

Set a routine of having two glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner – always. Keep a jug of water handy to remind you whether  you have drunk enough water for the day.  Drink from it.  Its your daily water diary.

The symptoms of dehydration in older people include confusion, dizziness and bumping into things. This is  often mis-diagnosed as dementia or alzheimers  – its just dehydration!  The same for heart palpitations.  However if you have palpitations get it checked but drink more water and reduce your coffee or tea or soda intake.  Do this in addition to what your doctor says.

Loss of your sense of smell and taste is a result of dehydration. Drink more water and get these senses back.

If  you are peeing a lot anyway then cut out or down on your coffee ( just one cup per day ) or tea intake, and make sure you take more good salt as you increase your water intake.

When you are hydrated your body will balance out and the need to pee so often should reduce. Stick with it and give it time.

The Rant Is Over

If you are still with me well done. To learn more from a medical doctor and expert about hydration get the books of Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD and read.

He is the most knowledgeable source I have found about the topic.

His books are easy to read and clarify many health issues arising from dehydration. His nickname is the Batman. Like? I do because he is a true hero in the quest for well-being and good health.

The cornerstone for good health and happiness is proper hydration. Please try this and transform your life in a very positive way and do the same for your family and friends.

If you want the chicken or the egg analysis then proper hydration is a necessary condition for good health.  If you are not hydrated properly you will never attain optimum health.

Wishing you and the ones you love joy and good health



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