Niacin/Vitamin B3 For Your Nutrition -the beautiful vitamin for mind and body

Vitamin B3 named Niacin is a versatile addition to your well-being – it gives you good mental health and physical health.




How Safe Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are very safe to use to improve your nutrition and health in conjunction with proper hydration and a good diet free of sugar and processed foods containing sugar and or white flour.

See this excerpt below.

This excerpt is from the publication :

Niacin The Real Story, A.Hoffer M.D., Ph. D, A. W> Saul Ph. D, H.D. Foster Ph.D. Basic Health, 2012,

If anyone says that vitamins are dangerous to your health and cause death it is a lie. The ONLY side effects of taking too much niacin is nausea. That’s all. Just cut back on your intake and it will go.

Over 100,000 people die every year from the effects of drugs properly prescribed by M.Ds. Vitamins do not cause deaths and illness – they give health and wellness. You will learn below how ans epidemic of a serious illness plagued the USA in the 1920ies and 1930ies until in the early 1940ies it was cured by adding vitamins to processed food – namely bread.

Humans are one of the few mammals who do not make their own vitamin C. If vitamin C was not safe and healthy then almost all the mammals on the planet would die from the vitamin C they make in their bodies. For example dogs, cats and mice make huge amounts of vitamin C each day to remain healthy.

When they are unwell they make more vitamin C than normal to regain their health.

So more about niacin – vitamin B3.

Pellagra Disease

In the early 1900s food processing tech advanced rapidly. Flour mills became ever more effective at milling wheat and were able to produce large quantities of white flour from which all nutrition with the exception of carbohydrate was removed. Shortly thereafter there was an epidemic of the disease pellagra – each year 100,000s or people contracted the disease in the USA right up to the early 1940ies. In the 1920ies and 1930ies people were dying in the 1000s from pellagra.

It was a major problem and hospitals were full of people with the disease and mental health institutions. The symptoms were nasty :

– dermatitis

– diarrhea

– dementia

– death

The four Ds.

It progressed slowly. It was caused by poor nutrition and in particular a deficit of niacin or vitamin B3.

The mental symptoms were often confused with various psychiatric disorders from confused thinking, to delusions and dementia, bipolar and schizophrenia. It affected both the mind and the body very badly. Early onset symptoms are fatigue, trouble concentrating and confused thinking.

In the early 1940ies it was found that the B group of vitamins quickly cured this disease – it was a disease of malnutrition and caused by a lack of B vitamin in the milled white flour.
White flour provides only simple carbohydrate which your digestive system quickly converts to glucose in your blood. If you eat lots of processed food made with white flour you overload your blood with glucose and over work your pancreas which has to produce large quantities of insulin to cope with the glucose.

Now it is law that white flour must have vitamin B and iron added to it before it can be sold or used to make processed foods!

Even governments accept that vitamins are necessary and essential for good health. If you have a deficit of vitamin B3 or any of the B complex vitamins you will be ill – tired all the time and find life hard to cope with.

Some people develop not only a deficit of vitamin B3 but also a dependency – they must keep taking it every day to remain well. This dependency syndrome was discovered when treating pellagra sufferers who had been deprived of adequate vitamin B3 for many years. It took them longer to recover from pellagra and they quickly became ill again when they stopped supplementing with B3.

This was found to be the effect for people with post-traumatic stress syndrome and various mental illnesses from depression, addiction, Alzheimer, dementia and schizophrenia and bipolar diseases.

These people with the dependency syndrome needed larger amounts of B3 to recover and had to keep on taking it to remain well. The great news is that this is a very safe vitamin to take and unlike prescription medicines it works to heal and there are no side effects.

Forms of Vitamin B3

There is just plain niacin or vitamin B3. This has one effect only which is to cause flushing or the skin. Some people do not like this but it soon goes away after three to four days of using it. This is a small effect, it is harmless and not that it is niacin that very effectively causes your body to manage cholesterol levels so that you have good levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

There is slow release niacin or called no flush niacin which releases more slowly into the body and the flushing is less or does not occur. This form of niacin is great for cholesterol management. Both plain niacin and slow release niacin are very effective and proven cholesterol managers – they are great for you heart and circulatory system.

There is another form of niacin called niacinamide. This has no flushing effect whatsoever but it does have the cholesterol managing effect of the niacin form of vitamin B3. It does have the effect of reducing the effects of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. This is the best form of B3 to take for good mental health.

For cardiovascular health go for plain old niacin and start with small does to minimize the flushing and stick at it for a few days until it stops with regular use of the niacin.

Tests have shown that niacin is far superior to statins for controlling cholesterol levels and has no side effects. The side effects of statins are awful – read about them online.

It is safe to take 250 mg doses of niacin five to six times per day. For people who are unwell then up to 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the day has been very effective.

For children with severe behavioral problems up to 3000 mg per day in divided doses has been used successfully – see below.

Positive Effect on Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease

Niacin or slow release niacin has been proven to reduce levels of the bad cholesterol and enhance levels of the good cholesterol. It is far more effective than any of the prescribed drugs on the market. The manufacturers of drugs do not want you to know this and spread lies and untruths about the effectiveness of niacin for treating cardiovascular diseases – they want you to buy their drugs and are ruthless about alternatives. The FDA is staffed by drug manufacturing employees and spread propaganda against natural remedies that work and even better have no harmful side effects.

Check the harmful side effects of legally prescribed drugs – they are serious and damaging to good health.

If you have cholesterol problems and or a heart condition then take niacin or no flush niacin. It will initially make you flush if you take ordinary niacin but this will pass within a few days if you take it every day which is recommended. Start with small doses divided across the day until you are taking 5 divided doses of 250 mg per day and or up to a total of 3000mg per day.

Keep doing this and keep to it for the rest of your days. Don’t give up on your health. Read more of the references for this article and in particular Niacin The Real Story – it’s easy to read and tells the truth. Plus it’s full of good references. Your heart also needs magnesium, potassium, manganese, chromium and vitamins D C and B complex.

Nutrient Recommended Dose

Vitamin A : 5000 to 10000 iu per day

Beta-carotine : 10-20 milligrams (mg)

Thiamine – B1 : 50-100 mg

Riboflavin – B2 : 50-100 mg

Niacin – B3 : 400-2000 mg, divided doses, can replace with niacinamide to prevent flushing

Pantothenate – B5 : 50 – 100 mg

Pyridoxine – B6 : 50 – 100 micrograms ( mcg )

Biotin – B7 : 50 – 100 micrograms (mcg)

Folate – B9 : 400 – 800 mcg

Cobalamin – B12 : 10 – 100 mcg

Vitamin C : 2000 – 10000 mg divided doses across day to bowel tolerance

Vitamin D : 2000 to 10000 IU divided doses across day and or direct sunlight for ½ hour per day summer. Other seasons longer.

Vitamin E : 400-1200 IU natural mixed tocopherols, including gamatocopherol

Vitamin – K1 : 1000 mcg ( phylloquinone or phytonadione) when diet is inadequate

Vitamin – K2 : 1-15 mg of MK4 9 menquinone –4 or menatetranone ) or 100mcg of MK-7

Calcium : 200 – 600mg per day ( 1.5 tp 3 mg per pound body weight ) of citrate or chelate type or cut to 50% if your diet includes it.

Magnesium : 200-600 mg ( 1.5 to 3 mg per pound body weight per day) or 50% less if your diet includes it

Iron : 0-20 mg, according to need and blood test

Zinc : 20-50 mg

Copper : 2 mg, taken with 50 mg of zinc

Manganese : 1-10 mg

Selenium : 50 – 200 mcg

Iodine : 150 – 400 mcg

Omega 3 oils : 1,000 – 3000 mg ( 1-2 teaspoons flax seed oil , 1-3 tablespoons flax meal, 1-2 tablespoons fish oil)

Alpha lipoic acid : 100-500 mg

N-acetyl-cysteine : 100-500 mg divided doses

Co enzyme Q10 : 100-200 mg

Trace elements sources : Sea salt or multivitamin tablets


Plus you need to be totally well hydrated to heal – drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. See here for an article about how to be properly  hydrated. Cut down your coffee – it’s a diuretic and has dehydrating effect. If you start drinking more water plus lots of coffee you spent too much time tracking to the bathroom. Cut the coffee to one or two per day and hydrate with just water. This will help your body to heal more quickly – it’s really important for your health.

Diet will also help your heart heal. Don’t eat processed foods made from white flour and containing sugar or corn fructose. Cut down other sources of sugar consumption – as you age you body will not cope well with lots of refined carbohydrates and in particular white flour and sugar.

Simple carbohydrates, such as sugar and processed food made from white flour, go almost straight into your blood stream as glucose, overloads your blood with glucose and the pancreas as it tries to make enough insulin to deal with the toxic glucose levels in the blood.


It leads not only to heart issues but diabetes as well. High levels of glucose in your blood are toxic for your body. This is referred to as metabolic syndrome – you will feel tired and often hungry and there will be big highs and lows of glucose levels in your blood. Your pancreas will be stressed daily by you body’s demand for insulin to deal with the overload of glucose in your blood.


Positive Effect On Anxiety and Depression

One of the side effects of being deficient in one or more vitamins is fatigue and difficulty with concentration, thinking and focusing on daily tasks. For mental health it is claimed that it is better to take niacinamide in addition to niacin. See The Vitamin Cure For Chronic Fatigue – J E Prousky, M. Sc., N.D., Basic Health,2010. Page 78.

Supplementation with vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and B complex plus additional niacin or niacinamide has been found to be very beneficial for someone with anxiety and or depression. Up to 2000 or 3000 mg of vitamin B3 daily – either niacin or niacinamide has had good results.

A vitamin B12 deficiency should also be checked where there is ongoing fatigue and depression. It’s a simple blood test. Some people have trouble getting sufficient vitamin B12 via their digestive system and may need to have it by injection each month. This is a serious deficiency when it occurs. It causes fatigue, depression and confused thinking.

Stick with it and do not give up taking it. For some results will come quickly while others need to take it for a least a year or longer. It will work. It you have a dependency ( you have been chronically deprived of B complex vitamins for many years) you will need to keep on taking it all your life to remain in good health.

Positive Effect on Nervous System Diseases

The body uses niacin or niacinamide to make a molecule called NAD which is then converted by the body into vital amino acids and enzymes used by all cells in your body.

A deficit of NAD has been found to cause dysfunction of all kinds in cells and organs including the brain and nervous system.

Neurological diseases develop. Migraine headaches, Multiple sclerosis.and Parkinsons disease. High doses of niacin have been found helpful.

Positive effect on Attention Deficit Disorders

Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide has been used to rescue children from mental disorders that include depression, hyperactive behavior, confused thinking and anxiety, reckless behavior and a lack of empathy for others.

It has been proven effective to reduce the effect of the disorders mentioned above and with continued use recovery is achieved. The addition of a nutrient to the child’s diet is very effective.

If its so good why isn’t everyone using it? Modern medicine is totally focused on prescription drugs – that where the money is. High value patented drugs. There is a concerted opposition to cheap and effective natural remedies that work and do not have nasty side effects like Ritalin does.

I quote directly from A Hoffer, M.D., where he talks about his clinical experience with treating children :

‘ I have seen well over 2,000 children under the age of fourteen since 1955. The result of orthomolecular treatment in which vitamin B3 is the main constituent has been very good, without the need to use any medication. In the early days I did on occasion use very small doses of anti-depressants for children who were bed wetters.

Later I would simply eliminate the foods they were allergic to. Most of the children recovered. Recovery depended more on the cooperation of their parents, who were able to persuade even recalcitrant children that they should take their vitamins. More recently I have seen former child patients who brought their children in.

Here are a few examples to illustrate results. One of the first was Mary ( not her real name ) who at age 7 was diagnosed as mentally retarded. This a too harsh reality for modern parents, and to please them, psychiatry adopted other equally erroneous names such as the ADD series of diagnoses.

Mary’s mother was a schizophrenic. Mary could not learn, she was developing behavioral problems and she was being readied for classes for the retarded.

I was asked to see her by a friend. At that time I had little experience in treating children. I could not see anything wrong with her and had to accept her parent’s observations. I started Mary on niacinamide.

!000 mg after each of her three meals.

Two years later she was no better. Not knowing what else to do, I suggested patience and that they should continue with the supplementation. She recovered in the third year.

Mary completed university on the Dean’s list, became a music teacher, married, raise her family and has since retired. A small amount of vitamin turned her life around.

In 1960 a doctor phoned me, very worried about his 12 year old son, who was schizophrenic. His psychiatrist had advised him that he would never recover, and to lock him up and forget about him. Following my advice he obtained niacin, but the psychiatrist refused to give it to him, stating they had tried it, it had never worked, and it would fry his brain. All lies.

So his father began to visit him every day, and while they were walking about the grounds of the hospital, he fed his son jam sandwiches containing niacin. About 12 weeks later his son said: ” Daddy I want to go home”.

He later became a doctor and worked in Professor Linus Pauling’s laboratory.”

Professor Linus is the only person to win 2 Nobel prizes one of which was for his research into the healing power of vitamin C over bacteria and viruses, including the common cold. Yes if you take enough vitamin C you can cure colds and the flu. It s a lie if anyone says differently and there are lots who do! You need to take at least 3000 gms of vitamin in divided doses over a day for this to work. It the flu is bad take up to 6000 mg per day in divided doses.


Positive Effect On Bipolar and Schizophrenia Disease

Vitamin B3 ( niacin/niacinimide)  has been used in doses of 2000 to 3000 mg per day, in divided doses over the course of the day, to successfully reverse the psychoses of bipolar and schizophrenia.

In 1952 Abram Hoffer, co-author of Niacin the Real Story, completed his psychiatry training and proved with a clinical study that vitamin B3 could cure schizophrenia.

These results have been replicated by doctors and established as an effective cure for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

The mainstream medical professional and the drug companies disagree and tranquilize sufferers into passive states or restrain them in hospitals. They make more money selling drugs and care and do not wish to cure but continue to earn high income for drugs and care that do not work. They do make money from vitamin cures.

Positive Effect On Stress Related Illnesses including PTSD

Survivors from Japanese prisoner of war camps during World War Two were found to have suffered severe malnutrition and severe emotional stress for many years until they were freed. They were carefully nursed to gain weight and even though they got back their body weight they continued to suffer from high rate of physical and mental illnesses. They aged prematurely and many died in their 50ies.

Abram Hoffer unknowingly met one of the survivors in the course of his medical practice work and advised him that the people he was caring for would respond well to niacin supplementation. This person was told by A Hoffer that initially use of niacin would cause flushing. This person chose to take it himself before he gave it to the people he was caring for so that he would feel the flush and explain what it was like.

Unknown to Hoffer the man to who he told to give niacin to the people he was caring for was a survivor of a Japanese prisoner of war camp. This man took niacin for six weeks and for the first time since his imprisonment during the war felt well and happy. He had suffered from poor physical and mental health – post-traumatic stress syndrome ( PTSD ) since W.W.2.

He then referred 20 other veterans to A Hoffer M.D. He treated them all with niacin supplementation and they ALL recovered from the PTSD they had been suffering from for many years.

It is highly beneficial for anyone who has experience high or extreme stress to take vitamin B3 to heal from the shock of the event. This includes trauma of any kind from the loss of a loved one to work related trauma to war veterans. Most persons with PTSD are given tranquilizers and anti-depressants of other drugs. All these do is suppress the symptoms and dull the lives of the sufferers.

It you know anyone with the PTSD syndrome get them to try niacin – 2,000 to 3,000 mg daily and ongoing to relieve the stress and anxiety they suffer from. It works and has no side effects apart from the initial flushing which will disappear after about three days of using the niacin. They will get their lives back.

On February 22, 2012, the city I live in was hit by a severe earthquake. Many houses and commercial buildings were destroyed and badly damaged. 387 people died in the quake and many in the days after from injury and heart attacks. The earthquake after shocks continued for another 11 months, some quite severe and casing further damage to property.

The stress on the citizens was huge. People were in shock from the initial quake and then had to endure aftershock quakes on a daily basis – not knowing if it was going to be another big one or not.

Sleep deprivation was wide spread from the earthquakes at night. Many people had developed PTSD. Including myself. I wish I had known about the beneficial effects of vitamin B3 at the time.

I have used it now to help recover from the syndrome and I have my life back to normal.

When people have suffered from PTSD for a long time they will have to keep taking niacin to stop going back into a PTSD state. It is completely safe for prolonged use and has no negative side effects unlike legally prescribed drugs .

Positive Effect On Aging Disease

There is an emerging view among leading genetic scientists that aging is a disease caused by dysfunction in the body due to a deficit of key vitamins and minerals.

Niacin is needed for the body to make the NAD molecule which is needed by every cell in the body to function properly, repair and die when it is time to replace it with a new cell.

This is a key process to remain in good health and for your body to function well.

Positive Effect on Diabetes Disease

A combination of the supplements vitamins C, D, E, B complex and B3 has been found to help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It maintains their overall health whilst dealing with a disease.

See the article on this site about managing diabetes with good nutrition including vitamins

Positive Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome have a lot in common with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Some sufferers of chronic fatigue have benefited from taking the core vitamins C, D,E,Bcomplex but also extra vitamin B3 in doses of between 2000 and 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the course of the day. Plus trace elements.

This is a miserable and debilitating syndrome which can be alleviated with vitamin nutrition.

Positive Effect On Alcoholism and Other Addictions.

Recovering alcoholics have been successfully supplemented with vitamin B complex and additional vitamin B3. It has the effect of reducing their anxiety and depression and their need for alcohol.

Often alcoholics are have a huge deficit of all vitamins and B12 injections are needed to restore them to health.

It is an illness for which the sufferer must seek help themselves – they cannot be coerced or talked into seeking help.


Positive Effect on Arthritis

See the article on this website about arthritis

Positive Effect on Down Syndrome Children

Vitamin B3 supplementation along with the other key vitamins has been used to increase the cognitive power and abilities of children born with down syndrome. Dr. H Turkel improved the well- being and cognitive processes of children born with down syndrome and his results were confirmed by tests undertaken by McLeod some 60 years later.

For further reading :

Medical Amelioration of Downs Syndrome incorporating the orthomolecular approach. Dr. H. Turkel, Journal Orthomolecular Psych 4 ( 1975) : 102-115

Medical Treatment of Down Syndrome and genetic diseases, Dr. H. Turkel, Southfield, MI :Ubotica, 4th rev ed., 1985

Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy, K. McLeod, Kemanso Publishing, 2003

Positive Effect On AlzheimerDisease

People diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer have been successfully treated with vitamin B3 to halt the progression of the disease and in some instances remove all symptoms. It is important that the patient is properly hydrated – dehydration causes mental confusion – and is also supplemented with vitamins C, D, E and B complex plus magnesium and zinc – all on a daily basis. B3 supplementation is up to 3000mg per day in divided doses over the day.

Vitamin B3 is a must have for your daily nutrition and extra should be taken for treating diseases. It has been shown to be especially good for mental health, cardiovascular health, diabetes help and arthritis.


Be healthy and well. Help others to heal and recover their lives.

I encourage you to read more about this vitamin B 3 and start with the book below and then others in the bibliography.




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