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This article is about identifying allergies, removing the causes where possible and helping your body to cope and heal from the effects of allergies.

Regain your health and energy


Extreme Allergic Reactions

The allergic extreme reactions are

– anaphylactic shock. The body reacts severely to the allergen and death follows unless either medical treatment is given or self administered by use of an epipen. Medical help must be obtained as soon as possible and the sufferer monitored for a least 24 hours by a medical professional should a relapse into a shock state happen again.

– asthma. This is caused by the shriveling/contraction of the aveoli in the lungs and this restricts the lung capacity to oxygenate the blood. This loss of lung function is made worse when the sufferer is dehydrated which acts to reduce the lung function – more on this later. Severe cases cause death and medical assistance should be sought immediately.

– mental health issues. Allergies cause mental health issues from depression to ADHD, manic behavior, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and cognitive illness – dementia and Alzheimer. The brain is no longer functioning properly due to the effects of the allergic reaction and mental health problems are the result. Heavy metals [ aluminum and mercury], alcohol, food coloring, side effects of prescribed drugs and allergy causing foods are but a few of the causes of mental ill health due to allergic reactions to these toxic substances.

Some of the less extreme allergic reactions Are :

– skin problems

– fatigue


– stomach and gut problems including indigestion to celiacs disease

– unable to concentrate and think clearly

– hyperactive and irrational behavior

There are other symptoms. Often these are incorrectly diagnosed as mental health issues and the symptoms are suppressed by prescribed drugs, however this does not effect a cure and often the side effects of legally prescribed drugs are awful over the long term and they lose effectiveness as the body adjusts to them

Sources and Causes

Identification of the causes and thus source of one or more allergic substances [ allergen] is a key process towards reclaiming your health and energy.

The substances to be considered are :

  • food. This is the au se of many allergic reactions. The most commonly identified allergens are dairy products, wheat base products [ includes the protein gluten], artificial food additives and coloring, artificial food preservatives [ the exception here is vitamin C which is very good for you], nuts, seafood [ especially [ crustaceans], and chemical pollutants that are in food produced by industrial farming and processing. Gluten the protein found in most grains has been identified as an allergenic for many people and cause guts dysfunction and can lead to crohns and celiac disease. Wheat is one of the first items to eliminate from your diet – it is in most processed foods so read the labels carefully. Note that lactose is a sugar found in milk and many folk lose the ability to digest this sugar from an early age and become intolerant to it – it causes gut issues. Some people lack the enzyme lactase needed to digest lactose in milk and thus they are allergic to it.
  • Polluted water. Many chemicals are added to water both by accident or pollution and deliberately. Heavy metals [ aluminum, mercury and lead], pesticides and herbicides [ glyphosate from roundup herbicide is just one chemical herbicide right through the food chain due to overuse – it causes breast and liver cancer in mice – mammals very like us genetically]. Fluoride is a toxic by product of industrial chemical processes – in Germany the Nazi’s put it in the water supply in an attempt to pacify the population due to it is effect on the neurological system – is added to water and toothpaste – don’t use this toxic chemical. Chlorine is a toxic chemical [ read the materials data sheet for chlorine it is a horror read as good as Stephen King could create] and is often added to water supplies – check it out for it is toxic properties!
  • mercury used by dentists. Many fillings in teeth contain mercury which is one of the most toxic heavy metals for mammals. In humans, it causes depression and madness and is toxic to all body organs. The mercury leaches from the fillings into the body tissues.
  • Legally prescribed drugs. Drugs prescribed for you by your doctor or bought over the counter. Every year over 80,000 people die from the side effects of legally prescribed drugs. Do your self a big favor and find out what the side effects are for the drugs your doctor gives you – it is scary stuff. I am not saying do not take the medicine but check out whether it is worth the risk of the side effects. Many drugs have been withdrawn by companies because of their toxic and deadly side effects – remember the statin drug Vioxx and others. Just don’t trust only your doctor and take the time to check out the effects of the drugs you consume.
  • Pollen from plants. During spring, summer and autumns the amount of pollen in the air rises due to plants and trees doing their thing. Hay fever is the common term for this allergic response to pollen. Some of the effects are blocked nasal passages, watery and sore eyes and breathing impairment – from wheezing to asthma.
  • Dust mites. Some people have allergic reactions to these tiny bugs. They especially like to live in bedding including pillows and you are exposed to them for the time you are in bed. Allergic reactions range from blocked nasal passages to asthma in varying degrees from mild wheezing to breathing problems. These critters eat dust and in particular the skin we shed continuously as our skin cells are replaced by our wonderful bodies.
  • Animals. Some people have allergic reactions to pets and other animals.
  • Mold. Mold loves to grow in damp places. Many houses and condos are poorly ventilated. Steam from bathrooms and kitchens penetrated walls, carpets, drapes and furnishings plus wardrobes. Mold loves this and grows happily in your home. Some molds are very toxic and release spores that cause serious illnesses and in particular affect lung function and the nasal passages. It can grow inside air conditioners and be efficiently spread through homes, cars and offices. The best ventilation for buildings is called positive pressure ventilation – air is pumped into the building via filters to remove dust and pollen and fumes and this creates an air pressure slightly above the external air pressure. This causes the air inside the building to be replaced during the day and the number of times this happens [ the number of times the air is replaced] the better it is for keeping the building dry and thus preventing mold growth. This ventilation process is used in hospitals, food manufacturing sites and high tec factories to keep the environments both dry and free of pollutants. A side benefit is that a dry house feels warmer and requires less energy to heat.
  • Sugar. Cane sugars contains sucrose and fructose. Fruit contains fructose. Corn is processed to extract corn fructose which is used in many processed foods. Too much sugar overloads your blood with glucose which the body cannot process to prevent sugar toxicity – too much glucose in your blood is toxic. It overloads the liver and the pancreas which your body uses to process glucose and keep it to a safe /non-toxic level in your blood. White flour is quickly digested and this simple carbohydrate is quickly converted to glucose which overloads the blood or serum level of glucose. Over consumption of these simple sugars and carbohydrates pushes your body into glucose ever load to a toxic level in your blood. This is of itself not an allergic issue but as your body remains in glucose overload it will begin to sicken and be unable to function normally and be more prone to diseases manifesting plus obesity.
  • Makeup, deodorants, perfumes and shampoo. Most of these products contain chemicals and heavy metals. The skin is very absorbent and will carry these products into body tissues and capillaries. Avoid any product containing aluminum – many deodorants contain this toxic metal which causes neurological problems and fatigue. It is thought to contribute to Alzheimer disease and dementia. It is very toxic.
  • Cigarette smoke. It irritates the lungs and cause lung dysfunction plus the transfer of toxic chemicals into the blood stream.
  • Toxic fumes. This applies to fumes from car exhausts and factories and power plants burning coal.

This is not a complete list of causes of allergies. In the bibliography there will be references to further information sources.

Allergies can cause severe fatigue, celiacs disease or crohns disease, chronic inflammation of the gut [ gastrointestinal tract], depression and general poor health. All serious and debilitating illnesses. Breathing problems are common ranging from inflamed sinuses, wheezing and asthma.

ADHD, hyperactivity, learning problems and neurological dysfunction can also be a result of allergic reactions.

Sugar toxicity is also a cause of some reactions. The consumption of too much sugar results in obesity and toxic levels of glucose in the blood and liver. This damages the body, including the brain and pancreas functions. The consumption of artificial chemical sweeteners also causes a toxic reaction. The people handling these artificial sweeteners in production environments suffered from serious illness due to prolonged exposure the product.

Allergy testing

The common method is skin tests of substances thought to be causing an allergic reaction. This medical procedure indicates an allergy if the skin reacts to the substance by displaying inflammation and or swelling.

Alas this is not always effective as a means of identifying allergies

Nutrition – Elimination Diet

This elimination diet is sometimes called an Oligoantigenic Diet.

One of the most effective methods and best of all it is free – you can do it yourself – is following an exclusion or elimination diet. This is the process of moving to a diet of eating only foods that is known to be non-allergenic. Keep a food diary and eliminate the known allergens – diary, wheat, nuts, eggs, food additives and coloring, gluten and corn. Record what you eat and how you feel. One day is not enough – do this for at least thirty days to give body a chance to detox and recover.

Eat food that is free of the known allergens by following a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for the 30 days. A simple diet includes one meat, one carbohydrate, one fruit, one vegetable, water and vitamin

Foods that are usually hypoallergenic include lamb (and most meats except chicken and veal), vegetables like

broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, olive or sunflower oil, white potatoes or rice, and a few fruits like apples, bananas or pears. Buckwheat is a seed and you can use buckwheat flour as a substitute for white flour from wheat.

You will lose weight on this regime plus take 4 vitamin B complex B100 capsules to combat the withdrawal symptoms from sugar and simple carbohydrates such as white flour and corn starch ( corn sugar).

Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking a minimum of six glasses of water per day. This will restore health and help detox.

Its important to stick with this process and keep a food diary so that you can be certain about what you eat especially if you decide after a month to include one of the foods you excluded initially. For example, you decide to try a small amounts of cheese and you can document what effect this has accurately in your diary. This takes discipline and commitment however the end results is good health and energy plus it is free .


Get a water filter for your dwelling to eliminate as many chemicals from your water as possible. Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals added to water to kill bacteria. The claim is made that once it has been activated by adding it to water then it is safe – oh really. Why does it sting your eyes and tastes awful? Its still an active chemical which is toxic and you do not want in your body.

Get the best filter you can afford to clean your drinking water of both chemicals and heavy metals.

Drink at least 6 to eight glasses of water per day. A minimum of two glasses before breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two others. Tea, coffee and soda do not hydrate your body – they diuretics and cause you to lose more liquid than you take in and you will become progressively more and more dehydrated and tired. You have a cup of coffee and get short caffeine boost but after a short time you energy lags and fatigue sets in because you are so dehydrated.

A dehydrated body cannot properly :

– digest food

– fight bacteria and infections – your immune system will not function well

– will not eliminate waste and toxins properly.

– dry mucus membranes and dry eyes.

Dehydration causes breathing issues, constipation, heart arrhythmia, joint pain and arthritis and so many other unnecessary health problems.
Dehydration is one of the causes of asthma – the lungs do not function well because the body regulates the water shortage by protecting the lungs with a layer of mucus to prevent the aveoli from drying out and thus being permanently damaged. This impedes the breathing process and causes wheezing and shortness of breath. Gives asthma sufferers water asap to help relieve the symptoms.

Drink six to eight glasses of clean filtered water per day and recover your health. Go to this page to learn more about how dangerous dehydration is and yet how easy it is to avoid.

You may be having allergy symptoms because you are dehydrated and thus unwell. Be properly hydrated to eliminate dehydration as a possible cause of fatigue and being unable to think coherently.


Cerebral Allergies

These allergies are so potent that they cause chemical imbalance in the brain and manifest as mental illness ranging from depression, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsions to bi-polar, and to schizophrenia.

A Canadian doctor, Abram Hoffer M.D., PhD., specialized in psychiatry and found whilst treating patients with mental illnesses that allergies were the cause. His most memorable early cases were :

  1. She had been ill for three years with hospital admissions as a psychiatric patient. The first step of Doctor Hoffer’s treatment was a 4-day fast, the patient drank only water [ eight glasses per day], followed by an elimination diet of food known to be non allergenic. By the fifth day she had recovered and apologized to her husband for her behavior whilst ill. She gradually added 4 new foods per day and had no adverse reactions. She returned home and took some aspirin for a sore hip and the schizophrenia returned. She had a bad reaction to aspirin. Once off the aspirin she remained well and had no further episodes of mental illness.
  2. He was middle-aged and suffered from depression for four years and then was diagnosed as schizophrenic due to abnormal behavior. He was put on the initial 4-day fast and stopped smoking cigarettes. He started feeling better and went onto the elimination diet and became well. He went home and began smoking again and the symptoms of his mental illness returned. He quit smoking and remained well and returned to his job as a school principal.
  3. A catatonic young woman who was so rigid she could not walk. She did not respond to the elimination diet so she was put on a controlled fasting treatment and by the fifth day was normal. Food was re-introduced but she became ill again within two days. Doctor Hoffer found that she was allergic to meat – animal protein. She remained well when animal protein was excluded from her diet.

Dr. Hoffer then went onto cure many mentally ill patients and used the initial fasting plus the follow-up food elimination diet protocol. He also used vitamins and trace elements due to his knowledge of the disease pellagra and treating alcoholics.




Essential Vitamins For Allergy Sufferers

Vitamin B complex

Your body needs the b complex group of vitamins to function properly and in particular vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is critical for the process of repairing and replacing cells.

A deficit of the B complex vitamins causes skin problems, fatigue and muddled thinking – this ranges from difficultly in undertaking normal tasks at home and at work to a dementia type mental state of forgetfulness and confusion. It is very important to supplement with B complex to eliminate a vitamin B deficit as the cause of ill-health.

Take 3 vitamin B 100 capsules three times daily to restore and remain health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for our body to remain well and function properly. A deficit of vitamin C causes fatigue and malfunctioning of the immune system. A chronic lack of vitamin C causes a disease called scurvy the symptoms of which include

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • unable to concentrate
  • loss muscle and tissue strength
  • gum disease and tooth loss
  • hemorrhaging
  • arthritis and joint damage
  • failure of the immune system to fight bacterial and viral infections
  • death

Unlike most mammals we cannot make vitamin C and must get it through our nutrition. Most diets do not include enough vitamin C and supplementation is necessary to remain well or recover health.

If a person is unwell then supplementation with vitamin C is critical if health is to be regained. When unwell a person needs greater amounts of vitamin C to heal and return to good health – this will not happen by means of food intake alone and supplementation is essential.

The recommended minimum intake of vitamin C per day for a healthy person is three 1000mg capsules spread over the day. For an unwell person vitamin C should be taken each day up to bowel tolerance level. This is the intake at which gas is experienced or a loose stool – this is called bowel tolerance level. If this level is reached reduce the vitamin C intake so that this effect goes away.

It is essential for your body’s immune system to function properly and to remain healthy.

Vitamin D

Our body can create vitamin D however you must spend enough time in sunlight for this to happen. During winter and spring this is a real problem. Vitamin D is essential for good health however most people are in a deficit state.

A deficit of vitamin D causes loss of bone mass and depression. For allergies, it :

  • reduces the risk of severe allergic reactions
  • reduces the severity of asthma
  • helps reduce dermatitis and eczema
  • prevents autoimmune disease
  • restores the immune system to proper function and helps the body repair and replace cells.

Take at least 400 IU per day and if you have no exposure to sunlight take two 400 IU capsules per day.

The medical authorities recommend this vitamin for people over 50 to maintain bone mass and avoid fractures – it keeps you happy as well!


This a key trace element for all of your cells and its is especially important for your brain and nervous system to function properly. Supplement with up to 200 mg twice daily. Use the magnesium orotate form which is more readily metabolized by your body.


This is an essential trace element for good health. Many soils are deficient in selenium and many people do not get sufficient in their food intake.

Take one 20 mg tablet daily.

For further reading I recommend The Vitamin Cure For Allergies by D. Downing M.D. , PhD. and Orthomolecular Treatment For Schizophrenia by Abram Hoffer M.D.

Both of these publications are great guides for the effects and treatment of allergies plus have excellent references to further sources of information.

Good health and happiness



The Vitamin Cure For Allergies by D. Downing M.D. , PhD, Baisc Health,2010

Orthomolecular Treatment For Schizophrenia by Abram Hoffer M.D., Keats Publishing, 1999

Orthomolecular Medicine Website

This website contains a wealth of information about natural healing including clinical notes and the Journal OF Orthomolecular Medicine. A Great resource for research into the natural healing of disease.




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