Natural Cures For Depression – cure depression without medication


It’s one of the plagues of the modern world – depression. Around 11% of the American population is on legally prescribed anti-depressant medication which loses its effectiveness as the brain adjusts and has nasty side effects.

There are effective natural alternatives to prescribed medications; proven to help people extract themselves from a depressed state.

Read on to learn about effective alternatives to medication which are natural cures for depression. With them you can cure depression without medication.

The focus is on nutrition and supplementing with vitamins and key trace elements. You are unwell because your brain is starved of key nutrients.

It works and vitamins are safe.

In the last 20 years there have been no verified deaths from taking vitamins. This data from the national poisons center.

S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder

This syndrome has been identified as depression during winter and spring.

The winter blues.

Our body manufactures vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight for around 20/30 minutes for fair skinned people and up to one hour or longer for darker skinned people whose skin pigmentation provides both protection and resistance to the sun’s rays.

This is an optimal scenario of being in the sun in the summer between 10 am and 3pm. This will give your body the opportunity to manufacture enough vitamin D for  good bone health, good mental health plus enough to allow the cells of your body to function well including your immune system.

With modern life styles even in the summer many people do not go outdoors.

It’s the house to the car to the office to the car to home. Time outside maybe 20 minutes at most and at the start or end of the day. This a disease of modern times, lifestyle and urban living plus fear of the sun created by well-meaning scare mongers.

If you use sunblock or cover your skin with clothes and a hat then your body will not be able to make sufficient vitamin D and you will become unhealthy and sad.

Many people are in a vitamin D deficit state all year round but it is worse in the winter with less sunshine time. Note that the further from the equator you live the less sunshine you will get as you move into fall and then winter – the days are shorter and you may well go to work in the dark and certainly come home when it is dark.

For a long time [ fall and winter ] its a given that your body will not have enough sunshine exposure to make enough vitamin D for you to remain healthy.

Depression, anxiety, sadness and fatigue are all a result of a vitamin D deficit.

The natural cure for this depression is to take 400 IU of vitamin D twice per day plus two vitamin B complex – B100 – tablets per day along with vitamin C and E natural. Take also one multivitamin with trace elements to cover any shortage of trace elements.

If this does not work then keep taking it. It’s not an instant fix, because it takes time to recover and also take one 250 mg tablets of niacin, or niacinamide, five times a day. Note that when first taken vitamin B 3  as niacin causes skin flushes, this goes away with continual use after 4 to 7 days. Niacinamide form of vitamin B3 which does not cause skin flushing; however it does not have the effect of lowering blood cholesterol as does niacin [ niacin works better than statins and without the awful side effects that statins cause].

Stick with this and do it daily. Without enough exposure to the sun you need this every day to be healthy and happy.



It is proven science that alcohol has a depressive effect on the brain which is sad because many people drink lots and some them are self medicating to deal with existing states of depression, anxiety and fear.

If you have a vitamin D deficit and add alcohol to your body plus its winter then you sure are on the slope sliding down to a depressed state of mind.

All alcoholics suffer from depression and anxiety. They just don’t feel it when they are under the influence.

Take vitamin D, 400 IU twice a day, plus vitamin B complex, B100 twice per day, plus niacin or niacinamide 250 mg tablets 5 times a day. Take one multi-vitamin as well plus vitamin C – three 100mg tablets across the day.

If this does not work right away stick with it. Do it daily and keep at it – this is not an instant cure and it will take time for your body to recover. Cut back on the booze as well if you can – if not get help to do this.

Abram Hoffer M.D., PhD said about alcoholic depression :

“My friend Bill W. [was] co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. We met in New York in 1960. Humphrey Osmond and I introduced him to the idea of mega vitamin therapy. We described the results we had seen with our schizophrenic patients, some of whom were also alcoholic. We also told him about its [vitamin B3 – niacin] many other properties. It was therapeutic for arthritis, for some cases of senility and it lowered cholesterol levels.

Bill was very curious about it and began to take niacin, 3 grams per day. Within a few weeks fatigue and depression which had plagued him for years were gone. He gave it to 30 of his friends….

Within six months he was convinced…Of the thirty 10 were free of anxiety, tension and depression in one month. Another 10 were well in two months.”

Source The Vitamin Cure For Depression, p21.





The man with alcohol issues took 3000 mgs. of niacin in divided doses three times per day. He also was advised to take B complex ( B100 one per day ) plus vitamins C ( 3000 mg per day in divided doses) , vitamin D 400 IU twice daily and vitamin E natural – 2 at 400 IU per day.

Natural nutrition works to help alleviate the effects of depression and cure it .

Abram Hoffer proved this many times in his medical practice


Note that niacin will cause skin flushing for the first few days but this will diminish and disappear. You can use niacinamide instead however this does not have the added benefit of reducing bad cholesterol in your blood.

Tests have shown that niacin is more effective than statins at controlling blood cholesterol levels and it has no bad side effects unlike the statins based medication.


Fatigue makes doing everything much harder and can segue into a state of depression. Anaemia is common for women and for men to a lesser extent.

It is  a state of having a low red blood cell count and is usually due to insufficient iron in the diet. Supplementing with iron can quickly reverse the situation and allow your body to make more red blood cells.

It is easily detected with a blood test.

There are many other causes of fatigue and  poor sleep habits are but one. Supplement with magnesium and vitamin B complex to allow your body to relax and sleep better. Poor sleep patterns can be a major cause of fatigue and depression.


Thyroid Deficiency – hypothyroid syndrome

This is a condition whereby your thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone for your body to function properly and you become ill. This disease affects both men and women. The result of a thyroid deficit are :

– fatigue

– depression

– loss of interest in sexuality

– weight gain

There is a huge problem in having this condition recognized by doctors and treated. It is often diagnosed simply as fatigue or depression or worst of all a non-specific illness – this means they do not know what to do about it. It is incorrectly diagnosed as post-natal depression and is not uncommon after child birth.

There are blood tests for thyroid hormone levels in the blood but they are not always effective as a diagnostic tool and are often misinterpreted as being OK when in fact they are not and indicate a thyroid production problem.

The symptoms above are enough to signal an issue may exist with your thyroid level.

One way to cure the problem is to increase your intake of iodine as a supplement. An iodine deficit cause thyroid gland dysfunction and low levels of thyroid hormone production.

For some sufferers its necessary to supplement with either natural or artificial sources of thyroid hormone. There is an animal sourced product contained dried thyroid and various prescription versions of artificial thyroid.

I recommend you read this book if you think you have a low thyroid problem based upon the symptoms above :


It is written by a husband and wife team who learned the hard way, Karilee Shames suffered badly from thyroid deficit and depression after she gave birth to their second child. Through treating her to recovery they both developed their great knowledge of this disease and how to effectively treat it.

They often successfully cure people who were not taken seriously by their own doctors and went to them for help.

They transformed people’s lives with the cures. They have also found attention deficit and learning issues with children to be the result of low thyroid hormone.

If you are permanently tired and depressed, plus overweight, then you should be checked for low thyroid hormone. If you doctor does not take this seriously find one who does.

Take  iodine daily to help your thyroid to function  – iodoral seems OK. You can get iodine from natural sources for example seaweed or extracts thereof.

Treatment resistant depression may well be the result of you thyroid gland not working properly and not having enough thyroid hormone made by the gland to keep you healthy. Check out all options when faced with the illness of depression.

Also take niacin [vitamin B3] to help overcome the depression associated with low thyroid. Take 3000mg per day in divided does over the day.

Start with smaller doses and build up to the daily 3000. Take niacinamide if the flushing bothers you – it will however go away after a few days of taking niacin and niacin has the beneficial effect of reducing unhealthy cholesterol in your blood.

Click here to go to their website –


Allergies Cause Illness Including Depression

Allergies to food types cause ill health and depression.

Allergic reactions to sugar, gluten, milk, nuts are but a few common types of allergies.

Allergy tests may not be conclusive indicators of a food allergy and are not always reliable. The best method is to eliminate the product from your food intake for at least one week to see if you feel better.

This known as the elimination test for allergies and works well. I f are feeling better after a week without the product then eliminate it from your diet.

Removing foods that cause allergies has transformed peoples’ lives and restored their health.

Start with sugar, products made from white flour, corn fructose and work on to regain your health.

For children with ADHD the changes can be wonderful in conjunction with niacinamide supplementation.

Seriously consider allergic reaction as a cause of depression and anti-social behaviour. Sugar is definitely the place to start . One can of soda contains up to 14 spoonfuls of sugar and often caffeine and other chemicals – its poison for both children and adults alike.

Natural Treatments For Treatment of depression

Vitamins and Minerals.

In their book The Vitamin Cure For Depression, B.Johnsson, M.D., PhD and A.W. Saul, PhD, recommend taking the following nutrients to recover from depression.

They have found them to be successful in treating the disease of depression.

Vitamin B1 – thiamine
Crucial for energy processing, the mitchondria in body cells and the nervous system function. Proven to work in clinical studies to improve mood and energy.
Vitamin B2 – riboflavin
Reacts with other B group vitamins to enhance sense of well-being and mitochondria function
Vitamin B3 as niacin
antidepressant function and significantly lowers levels of bad cholesterol. Necessary for the body to produce the NAD enzyme for cell health and stem cell action to replace old or damaged cells. Effective anti-inflammatory for auto-immune dysfunction
Vitamin B3 as niacinamide
Same as for niacin but does not have the benefit of reducing bad cholesterol levels
Vitamin B6
Many functions and its participates in the metabolism of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, thiamine, tryptamine, taurine, histamines and GABA. A cofactor in more than 100 enzyme reactions. Use as B complex
Folic Acid
Works synergistically as part of the B complex nutrition regime
Vitamin B12 – cobalamin
A deficiency causes anemia and nervous system issues. Found in animal based foods so vegetarians maybe deficient
Vitamin C – ascorbic acid
It is known for antioxident properties and prevents the disease of scurvy. Scurvy in a mild form causes fatigue and depression. High blood sugar levels reduce the metabolism of vitamin c – eg diabetes. People with low vitamin C levels improved energy and mood significantly with vitamin C supplementation.
Vitamin D
Dependent on sun exposure. Fall and winter deficits commonplace. Affects many body functions including mood and absorption of calcium for healthy bone mass
Magnesium Used for over 325 enzyme based actions in the body. Symptoms of a deficit are :





Irritable/ muscle cramps/restless legs or twitching when asleep.

The senses of taste and smell are zinc dependent. Persons with depression have been found to be low in zinc and mood improved significantly with supplementation. Also, effective with children, adolescents and adults with irritability and anger issues
Key element for metabolic function and health. Lots of soils are short this and thus so is the food. Alcohol induced selenium deficiency.
Important for glucose uptake by cells and brain function. Symptoms of a shortage include carbohydrate cravings and subsequent obesity.
Omega 3 fatty acids
These fats are important for proper metabolism and cell health. Proven mood enhancer if taken after being deficient .


Chronic Nutrient Deficiency leads to Dependency Syndrome

A person who has been deficient in a key nutrient for many years will develop a dependency syndrome whereby they require larger amounts of the nutrient on an ongoing basis to recover their health. To remain healthy they have to keep on taking the supplements after they regain their health to avoid relapses.

This was first discovered when treating people with the disease pellagra which was epidemic in the USA from 1900 up to the early 1940ies.

It was known as the four Ds disease – dermatitis, dementia, diarrhea and death.

It started with fatigue and depression plus skin issues and as it worsened psychotic episodes similar to schizophrenia developed, then loss of brain function along with severe diarrhea then death. In the 1930ies 30,000 people died from it and 100,000s suffered from the symptoms.

It was caused by a deficit of vitamin B complex and when the government made it compulsory to add vitamin B to flour in 1941 the disease began to disappear.

It was discovered that some people did not recover from pellagra unless they were given larger quantities of vitamin B and in particular vitamin B3.

They had developed what is known as a dependency on vitamin B3 and needed more to recover and to keep on taking it to remain well.

This was also found to be the situation when treating alcoholics for depression and persons suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. They all required vitamin B3 totaling 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the day to both recover and remain well.

So if you have had a deficit of a key nutrient for years then you may have developed a dependency and will require larger amounts on a daily basis to recover your health and keep on taking it to remain well.

Subclinical disease. This is a situation where the disease is present but is hard to diagnose. There are symptoms like fatigue and depression but the cause is not obvious or properly diagnosed.

Its likely to be a shortage of key nutrition elements or thyroid issues and or SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

Below is an excerpt from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service dated October 7 2005

Mental Health Treatment That Works

Doctors report that mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, [ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder], anti-social and learning disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders often have a common cause : insufficient nutrients in the brain.


Nutritionally oriented doctors assert that the cure for these problems is to give the body the extra nutrients it needs, especially when under abnormal stress.

Orthomolecular medical researchers say the future of psychiatry is in nutrition because nutrition has such a long, safe and effective history of correcting many mental problems.

Nutrients such as the B vitamins are most successful when taken regularly, taken in relatively high doses, and taken in conjunction with vitamin C, the essential fatty acids [EFAs], and the minerals magnesium and selenium.

A summary of what has worked for many people follow below. The safety of vitamins and minerals is extraordinary, and the expense of trying them is much less than the cost of hazardous pharmaceutical drugs. These nutrients can be purchased in a discount or health store [or online]

Taking 1,000 milligrams of vitamin B3 three times a day often cures mild to moderate depression. Dramatic results are often achieved within one week of beginning this nutritional program, especially in alcoholics.

Sometimes a simple deficiency of vitamin D causes depression, 3000 IU per day from all sources can alleviate this problem.

3,000 milligrams per day or more of niacin [vitamin B3], along with the same quantity of vitamin C, taken in divided doses throughout the day can successfully treat both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Vitamins B3, B6, C and the minerals magnesium and zinc frequently produce a good response in ADHD and autistic children. It is essential that these children are not fed sugar, products made from white flour and corn fructose. These products have been found to very toxic for hyperactive children with behavioural disorders.

Sodas and fruit juices and high sugar yoghurt are also toxic for these children.

Vitamins B6, folate and B12 taken together lower elevated homocystine levels in the elderly while improving mental function.

As pointed out by chemistry professor and vitamin discoverer Roger J. Williams PhD, each individual has different nutritional needs and responds differently to nutrients. Are you tired of being depressed, suffering from anxiety, paying huge prescription drug bills for unsafe prescriptions that do not solve the problem or produce undesirable side effects?

Are you tired of the piecemeal trail and error approach to finding a solution to your mental and or emotional problems? If so, adults should consider the following nutritional protocol, which will bathe your brain and nerves in natural nutrients and may well produce dramatic results.

The cost of trying the program below is less than the cost of a typical doctor’s office visit. It is safe and convenient. All of these nutrients can purchased at discounts stores [or online].

After the morning meal take :

  • A multivitamin tablet
  • 1000 milligrams of vitamin B3 [ as niacinamide or inositol hexanicotinate]
  • One B complex tablet
  • 100 mg of vitamin B6
  • 1,200 micrograms of vitamin B9 [folate or folic acid]
  • 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D ( the lower number if you get sunshine or higher if you do not ]
  • 200 mg of magnesium
  • 1,000 mg of vitamin C
  • 50 mg of zinc
  • 200 micrograms of selenium
  • 30 grams of soy protein powder and one tablespoon of lecithin granules mixed into one small glass of milk, taken along with a supplement of omega three fatty acid

After the midday meal take ::

  • 1000 mg of vitamin B3
  • 1,200 mcg of folic acid
  • 100mg of vitamin B6
  • one B complex tablet
  • 1,000 mg of vitamin C
  • 200 mg of magnesium

After the evening meal take :

  • a multivitamin tablet
  • 1000 mg of vitamin C
  • 100 mg of vitamin B6
  • 1000 mg of vitamin B3
  • one B complex tablet

All the above supplements are safe in the recommended amounts, as well as inexpensive and convenient.”

Oh its a lot of pills to take!!!

You have a choice to supplement to recover joy and your life  – or not.

Good life vs a sick shitty life.

From any perspective the drama of taking a few pills is better than living a life of depression and ill health.


Other Treatments Of Depression

Get some one to talk to whether it is a friend or a professional counsellor.

Be mindful or when you are thinking dark thoughts and consciously decide whether you want to continue with this thought thread. You can choose to continue or change the scenario.

There are help lines that could give you assistance.

Try to focus on being totally in the present moment. The past cannot be changed – its over. The future is unknown – if it was we would all have winning lottery tickets!

The present right now is all we have. Be there and see the good stuff that is happening – for every one item of bad news there are at least 10,000 good things happening ; happy and compassionate  happenings on this earth planet.

Exercise is great. Go walking – 10,000 steps is a good goal per day. Your body needs to move and stretch to feel well. Cycling is great if you have a safe place to do it free of traffic.


Alas my days of being young, fit and trim are well gone, however I either cycle or walk each day which gives me both joy and exercise.

Some people find meditation good and other find pilates or yoga to be relaxing.

Find an option that suits you for moving your body purposefully every day for a least half an hour.


Use natural remedies that work to recover good health

Take action to recover your sense of wellness and happiness. Start with the simple choice of taking 2 four hundred IU vitamin D3 tablets – perhaps you have SAD [ seasonal affective disorder] the winter blues and vitamin D will do the job.

Some people are short of selenium [ a commonplace deficit in soils leads to a deficiency in food ] and recover and some are seriously low in vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

If the depression continues get your thyroid checked., read Thyroid Power and contact the writers if you get no where with your own doctor – it happens.

Start on the protocol above to beat your depression.

Cut back on the alcohol also. Alcohol is a neuro-toxin and is full of sugar. Its proven to be a depressant – it makes drinkers depressed once the euphoria goes!

The one other thing you need is to be properly hydrated. If you are dehydrated you will be tired and have brain fog and be constipated.

Drink a minimum of six glasses or water per day. Two before each meal and fit in at least two others to have a chance of being properly hydrated.

If you are not properly hydrated you will not recover your health and well-being.

Go to this article about how to hydrate properly.

Wishing you good health and happiness. If this information is helpful please pass it on.



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