How long can we live?

Billions of dollars are being spent on medical research and a lot is going to the study and analysis of the aging process.

Natural cures for aging are being found under the microscopes .

The big questions are :

Why do we age?

Is aging just part of life or do we not have to age?

Is there an alternative to aging?

Is there a difference between biological age and linear numeric age?

Our body renews all of its cells so why do we continue to age instead of being a restored in a brand new state.

Lets look at these questions within the context of natural healing and some of the latest bio med research.

Body Cell Repair and Renewal

A simple description of how our body renews itself involves our DNA, stem cells and the immune system. I am not being patronizing and if you are in need of more detail go for it and research this stuff.

There is a process for repairing cells, for cell death ( apoptosis}, and cell replacement. This complex process is still not understood by medical science.


What is known is that the DNA strand is our template; it contains all the information our body needed to grow from a single cell life form to maturity.

Our DNA provides and contains the information that our stem cells use to grow new cells and replace all of our body cells over time.

Somehow our body repairs and replaces our cells. Over time, it replaces all of them with new ones however the brain is still a challenge and how our body cares for its brain is still a big mystery.

So if our DNA is the template or pattern for our body why, when our cells are replaced with new ones, do we not look 24 years old again?

This is where the money is and research is going – lots of it.

Malnutrition And Dehydration

If you have checked the other posts in this site you will know that I have a focus, putting it kindly, on good nutrition and the lack of it as a cause of disease.

The following diseases are caused by malnutrition and are recognized by medical science and the medical profession as being caused by a deficit of key vitamins.

Dehydration is a significant contributing factor to disease. See the bibliography and the article on this site about proper hydration to prevent ill health.

If the cells in your body are dehydrated they will not function properly. Coffee, tea and sodas do hydrate – they cause you to lose more liquid than you take in. They are diuretics and if this is all you drink then you will become more and more dehydrated, fatigued and irritable. That’s just the start!

The diseases caused by vitamin deficits are  are :

  • Pellagra – symptoms start with fatigue and depression and can grow to dermatitis, diarrhea, psychosis, dementia and death. The cause is a deficit of the B vitamins and iron
  • Arthritis – joint pain and swelling and loss of bone mass. Leads to fine and large fractures. Cause is a deficit of vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium and magnesium. Low energy, fatigue and depression are also symptoms.
  • SAD – seasonal affective disorder or depression. Cause by a vitamin D deficit especially during the winter and spring.
  • Scurvy – the body is unable to make collagen to repair itself. Loss of teeth, joint, function and bleeding via damaged arteries and blood vessels. This can be undiagnosed at first until the symptoms become worse. It initially is fatigue, pain and lack of energy. The cause is a deficit of vitamin C which prevents the body from repairing itself and in particular the manufacture of collagen – required for body repair and cell replacement.
  • Rickets. A disease that affects children in the main. A deficit of vitamin D, vitamin B, magnesium and calcium causes fragile bones and deformation of the bones.
  • Arrhythmia – uneven heart beat. A deficit of magnesium cause muscle spasms including the heart muscles. Magnesium is used by every cell in your body and a deficit causes ill health – cramps and leg twitches are a symptom along with irregular heart beat. This causes stress on the cardiovascular system and loss of flexibility in the smooth muscle of the arteries.
  • Selenium is an important mineral. It’s necessary for many processes, A lack of selenium may cause
    • hypothyroid syndrome – not enough thyroid hormone is produced for proper metabolism
    • cell replacement requires selenium
    • reproduction – causes infertility. Farmers provide it as a supplement to stock to avoid this serious issue.
    • protection from infection – the immune systems needs this element to work effectively
    • skin problems
    • depression and fatigue.
  • Zinc is another key element needed by all cells in the body to function well and a shortage often manifests as skin problems.
  • Hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland can produce enough thyroid hormone for the body to remain healthy. Symptoms are fatigue, depression and goiter. Prolonged deficit of thyroid hormone leads to malfunction of the immune system and lack of protection against infections both viral and bacterial. This can be cured with additional iodine plus vitamin supplementation with C, B complex, D and multivitamin and mineral supplementation.  Sometimes a kick start of thyroxin is required to get you going again. See the bibliography.
  • Beriberi is a disease caused by a vitamin B-1 deficiency – thiamine deficiency. Beriberi affects the heart and circulatory system. Beriberi can cause heart failure.
  • Depression. A Canadian doctor Abram Hoffer found that a range of mental illnesses, from depression, addiction, psychosis, and bipolar and schizophrenia could be successfully treated and healed by correcting a deficit of vitamin B3 plus other B vitamins. He also used key minerals and other vitamins as part of his protocol. Clinical notes confirm this. See the bibliography.
  • Diabetes. Sugar toxicity due to excessive consumption of carbohydrates.
  • Anemia – vitamin B12 deficit

There is growing evidence that malnutrition – a deficit of key vitamins and minerals – is a cause of serious illnesses including the ones listed above which have been acknowledged by government medical authorities.

Research has discovered that the herpes virus has been found to be a factor in causing artery damage in animals and birds.

There is no doubt that when the body is malnourished it is more susceptible to infections [ both viral and bacterial] and suffers from physical damage to cells and organs and structure.

Oxidation is simply the effect of oxygen reacting with matter. In our bodies it affects all of our cells. It’s part of living however it can be reduced by taking anti-oxidants – vitamin C is a proven anti-oxidant.

The point is that how can your body successfully repair and heal existing cells, let alone make new ones, when it is malnourished and fighting disease. I put the idea to you that for a body to function well it has to be well nourished, well hydrated and disease free to properly repair cells and replace them.

There is a state I call subclinical disease. The body is malnourished [ has a deficit of key vitamins and minerals] but has not yet expressed the full symptoms of a disease for easy diagnosis.

The sufferer is always tired, grumpy and prone to coughs and colds plus has poor skin condition. Does not drink water and is therefore dehydrated and suffering from constipation, stiff joints and dry eyes. Eats lot of products containing sugar, white flour and corn fructose. Is overweight and inactive.

How can this persons body function properly to repair and replace cells. They are unwell but no doctor could diagnose them as having a specific disease.

I put the case that if you do not eat well, are dehydrated, and do not have enough essential vitamins and minerals then get ready to age more quickly than necessary and welcome disease into your life. You may get away with it up to about age 35 but it will be all downhill thereafter.

Biomed Research

One of the researchers into biological aging is a scientist David Sinclair. He has held research positions with many prestigious organizations in the medical research field including Harvard.

He has undertaken extensive research into the behavior of cells, both human cells and cells of other living organisms.

He is obsessed with the process of aging and questions whether can halted and reversed.

He has authored a very interesting book entitled : Lifespan – Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To, D A Sinclair Phd, M D LaPlante, Harper Collins,2019.


He posits the theory that aging is not inevitable, it is a disease that can be :

  • prevented
  • halted
  • reversed

He has investigated the issue of cell replacement and why the new cells show signs of aging even though they be newly made. The 64 dollar question you may say.

Why does the body use stem cells to make new replacement cells which are not as good as new ?

He and other colleagues are advancing research and knowledge into how the body creates replacement cells and are discovering the presence of many hitherto unknown enzymes and molecules which the body uses in this process.

He is puzzled about why the DNA template is not accurately and completely followed when the body makes replacement cells. It’s as if the stem cells can only see the DNA template imperfectly not unlike looking through a sheet of clear plastic which has been oxidized and scratched so that the view is somewhat vague and unclear.

He and his colleagues expanded research into enzymes named sirtuins which seem to coordinate the body’s cell repair and replacement function. The sirtuins are also used by the body to repair DNA.

For these enzymes to be happy in their work and produced in sufficient number the body needs to supply a molecule named NAD which the body manufactures from vitamin B3.

Oh ho you say not vitamin B3 again. Yes I say and so does David Sinclair.

Is this a eureka moment?

David is not so effusive but says that vitamin B3 does appear to be essential for sirtuins to be made in sufficient number and for the body to repair DNA,  repair cells and create cell replacements from stem cells.

It made him excited enough to write the book after all.

Biological Age vs Linear Numeric Age

David Sinclair refers to medical procedures that can measure your biological age. These tests give a kind of health heads up and have been around for some time. He is aged 49 and his biological health is rated at 33 years old plus or minus a few. Not bad

He tells an anecdote about how his dad hit the big 70 and started showing increasing signs of aging.

He put his dad on a regime of reduced carbs, plus NMN [ nioctinamide mononucleotide] a more refined form of B3 with a smaller molecule to enable easier metabolism by the body, and metformin to reduce his blood glucose level.

He says that after six months his father was almost as fit as a greyhound and has started a new career and traveling.

So watch this man David Sinclair and keep an eye on his research.

I like it because other medical people have also found great benefit from supplementing with B vitamins, and B3 in particular, to cure disease both of the body and the brain.

Get the book – its an OK read and not too technical. Tell your friends but you make sure you take B vitamins and extra B3 to remain healthy and maybe younger?

I am giving it a shot because it makes so much sense and vitamins are needed to remain healthy. It’s been proven by Abram Hoffer MD and others that vitamin B3 is both essential and great for mental health.

I take berberine to help manage my blood glucose level – unfortunately metformin requires a prescription.

Just extra energy would be great would it not – I’ve got used to wrinkles and gray hair!

I drink between 6 and eight glasses of water per day and it works – now that my hydration is good and my energy has improved.

Wishing you good health and joy. If this article is of interest I ask that you pass it on to others. Thanks



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