Natural Cures For Depression – cure depression without medication


It’s one of the plagues of the modern world – depression. Around 11% of the American population is on legally prescribed anti-depressant medication which loses its effectiveness as the brain adjusts and has nasty side effects.

There are effective natural alternatives to prescribed medications; proven to help people extract themselves from a depressed state.

Read on to learn about effective alternatives to medication which are natural cures for depression. With them you can cure depression without medication.

The focus is on nutrition and supplementing with vitamins and key trace elements. You are unwell because your brain is starved of key nutrients.

It works and vitamins are safe.

In the last 20 years there have been no verified deaths from taking vitamins. This data from the national poisons center.

S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder

This syndrome has been identified as depression during winter and spring.

The winter blues.

Our body manufactures vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight for around 20/30 minutes for fair skinned people and up to one hour or longer for darker skinned people whose skin pigmentation provides both protection and resistance to the sun’s rays.

This is an optimal scenario of being in the sun in the summer between 10 am and 3pm. This will give your body the opportunity to manufacture enough vitamin D for  good bone health, good mental health plus enough to allow the cells of your body to function well including your immune system.

With modern life styles even in the summer many people do not go outdoors.

It’s the house to the car to the office to the car to home. Time outside maybe 20 minutes at most and at the start or end of the day. This a disease of modern times, lifestyle and urban living plus fear of the sun created by well-meaning scare mongers.

If you use sunblock or cover your skin with clothes and a hat then your body will not be able to make sufficient vitamin D and you will become unhealthy and sad.

Many people are in a vitamin D deficit state all year round but it is worse in the winter with less sunshine time. Note that the further from the equator you live the less sunshine you will get as you move into fall and then winter – the days are shorter and you may well go to work in the dark and certainly come home when it is dark.

For a long time [ fall and winter ] its a given that your body will not have enough sunshine exposure to make enough vitamin D for you to remain healthy.

Depression, anxiety, sadness and fatigue are all a result of a vitamin D deficit.

The natural cure for this depression is to take 400 IU of vitamin D twice per day plus two vitamin B complex – B100 – tablets per day along with vitamin C and E natural. Take also one multivitamin with trace elements to cover any shortage of trace elements.

If this does not work then keep taking it. It’s not an instant fix, because it takes time to recover and also take one 250 mg tablets of niacin, or niacinamide, five times a day. Note that when first taken vitamin B 3  as niacin causes skin flushes, this goes away with continual use after 4 to 7 days. Niacinamide form of vitamin B3 which does not cause skin flushing; however it does not have the effect of lowering blood cholesterol as does niacin [ niacin works better than statins and without the awful side effects that statins cause].

Stick with this and do it daily. Without enough exposure to the sun you need this every day to be healthy and happy.



It is proven science that alcohol has a depressive effect on the brain which is sad because many people drink lots and some them are self medicating to deal with existing states of depression, anxiety and fear.

If you have a vitamin D deficit and add alcohol to your body plus its winter then you sure are on the slope sliding down to a depressed state of mind.

All alcoholics suffer from depression and anxiety. They just don’t feel it when they are under the influence.

Take vitamin D, 400 IU twice a day, plus vitamin B complex, B100 twice per day, plus niacin or niacinamide 250 mg tablets 5 times a day. Take one multi-vitamin as well plus vitamin C – three 100mg tablets across the day.

If this does not work right away stick with it. Do it daily and keep at it – this is not an instant cure and it will take time for your body to recover. Cut back on the booze as well if you can – if not get help to do this.

Abram Hoffer M.D., PhD said about alcoholic depression :

“My friend Bill W. [was] co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. We met in New York in 1960. Humphrey Osmond and I introduced him to the idea of mega vitamin therapy. We described the results we had seen with our schizophrenic patients, some of whom were also alcoholic. We also told him about its [vitamin B3 – niacin] many other properties. It was therapeutic for arthritis, for some cases of senility and it lowered cholesterol levels.

Bill was very curious about it and began to take niacin, 3 grams per day. Within a few weeks fatigue and depression which had plagued him for years were gone. He gave it to 30 of his friends….

Within six months he was convinced…Of the thirty 10 were free of anxiety, tension and depression in one month. Another 10 were well in two months.”

Source The Vitamin Cure For Depression, p21.





The man with alcohol issues took 3000 mgs. of niacin in divided doses three times per day. He also was advised to take B complex ( B100 one per day ) plus vitamins C ( 3000 mg per day in divided doses) , vitamin D 400 IU twice daily and vitamin E natural – 2 at 400 IU per day.

Natural nutrition works to help alleviate the effects of depression and cure. Abram Hoffer proved this many times in his medical practice


Note that niacin will cause skin flushing for the first few days but this will diminish and disappear. You can use niacinamide instead however this does not have the added benefit of reducing bad cholesterol in your blood.

Tests have shown that niacin is more effective than statins at controlling blood cholesterol levels and it has no bad side effects unlike the statins based medication.


Thyroid Deficiency – hypothyroid syndrome

This is a condition whereby your thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone for your body to function properly and you become ill. This disease affects both men and women. The result of a thyroid deficit are :

– fatigue

– depression

– loss of interest in sexuality

– weight gain

There is a huge problem in having this condition recognized by doctors and treated. It is often diagnosed simply as fatigue or depression or worst of all a non-specific illness – this means they do not know what to do about it. It is incorrectly diagnosed as post-natal depression and is not uncommon after child birth.

There are blood tests for thyroid hormone levels in the blood but they are not always effective as a diagnostic tool and are often misinterpreted as being OK when in fact they are not and indicate a thyroid production problem.

The symptoms above are enough to signal an issue may exist with your thyroid level.

One way to cure the problem is to increase your intake of iodine as a supplement. An iodine deficit cause thyroid gland dysfunction and low levels of thyroid hormone production.

For some sufferers its necessary to supplement with either natural or artificial sources of thyroid hormone. There is an animal sourced product contained dried thyroid and various prescription versions of artificial thyroid.

I recommend you read this book if you think you have a low thyroid problem based upon the symptoms above :


It is written by a husband and wife team who learned the hard way, Karilee Shames suffered badly from thyroid deficit and depression after she gave birth to their second child. Through treating her to recovery they both developed their great knowledge of this disease and how to effectively treat it.

They often successfully cure people who were not taken seriously by their own doctors and went to them for help.

They transformed people’s lives with the cures. They have also found attention deficit and learning issues with children to be the result of low thyroid hormone.

If you are permanently tired and depressed, plus overweight, then you should be checked for low thyroid hormone. If you doctor does not take this seriously find one who does.

Take  iodine daily to help your thyroid to function  – iodoral seems OK. You can get iodine from natural sources for example seaweed or extracts thereof.

Treatment resistant depression may well be the result of you thyroid gland not working properly and not having enough thyroid hormone made by the gland to keep you healthy. Check out all options when faced with the illness of depression.

Also take niacin [vitamin B3] to help overcome the depression associated with low thyroid. Take 3000mg per day in divided does over the day.

Start with smaller doses and build up to the daily 3000. Take niacinamide if the flushing bothers you – it will however go away after a few days of taking niacin and niacin has the beneficial effect of reducing unhealthy cholesterol in your blood.

Click here to go to their website –


Allergies Cause Illness Including Depression

Allergies to food types cause ill health and depression.

Allergic reactions to sugar, gluten, milk, nuts are but a few common types of allergies.

Allergy tests may not be conclusive indicators of a food allergy and are not always reliable. The best method is to eliminate the product from your food intake for at least one week to see if you feel better.

This known as the elimination test for allergies and works well. I f are feeling better after a week without the product then eliminate it from your diet.

Removing foods that cause allergies has transformed peoples’ lives and restored their health.

Start with sugar, products made from white flour, corn fructose and work on to regain your health.

For children with ADHD the changes can be wonderful in conjunction with niacinamide supplementation.

Seriously consider allergic reaction as a cause of depression and anti-social behaviour. Sugar is definitely the place to start . One can of soda contains up to 14 spoonfuls of sugar and often caffeine and other chemicals – its poison for both children and adults alike.

Natural Treatments For Treatment of depression

Vitamins and Minerals.

In their book The Vitamin Cure For Depression, B.Johnsson, M.D., PhD and A.W. Saul, PhD, recommend taking the following nutrients to recover from depression.

They have found them to be successful in treating the disease of depression.

Vitamin B1 – thiamine
Crucial for energy processing, the mitchondria in body cells and the nervous system function. Proven to work in clinical studies to improve mood and energy.
Vitamin B2 – riboflavin
Reacts with other B group vitamins to enhance sense of well-being and mitochondria function
Vitamin B3 as niacin
antidepressant function and significantly lowers levels of bad cholesterol. Necessary for the body to produce the NAD enzyme for cell health and stem cell action to replace old or damaged cells. Effective anti-inflammatory for auto-immune dysfunction
Vitamin B3 as niacinamide
Same as for niacin but does not have the benefit of reducing bad cholesterol levels
Vitamin B6
Many functions and its participates in the metabolism of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, thiamine, tryptamine, taurine, histamines and GABA. A cofactor in more than 100 enzyme reactions. Use as B complex
Folic Acid
Works synergistically as part of the B complex nutrition regime
Vitamin B12 – cobalamin
A deficiency causes anemia and nervous system issues. Found in animal based foods so vegetarians maybe deficient
Vitamin C – ascorbic acid
It is known for antioxident properties and prevents the disease of scurvy. Scurvy in a mild form causes fatigue and depression. High blood sugar levels reduce the metabolism of vitamin c – eg diabetes. People with low vitamin C levels improved energy and mood significantly with vitamin C supplementation.
Vitamin D
Dependent on sun exposure. Fall and winter deficits commonplace. Affects many body functions including mood and absorption of calcium for healthy bone mass
Magnesium Used for over 325 enzyme based actions in the body. Symptoms of a deficit are :





Irritable/ muscle cramps/restless legs or twitching when asleep.

The senses of taste and smell are zinc dependent. Persons with depression have been found to be low in zinc and mood improved significantly with supplementation. Also, effective with children, adolescents and adults with irritability and anger issues
Key element for metabolic function and health. Lots of soils are short this and thus so is the food. Alcohol induced selenium deficiency.
Important for glucose uptake by cells and brain function. Symptoms of a shortage include carbohydrate cravings and subsequent obesity.
Omega 3 fatty acids
These fats are important for proper metabolism and cell health. Proven mood enhancer if taken after being deficient .


Chronic Nutrient Deficiency leads to Dependency Syndrome

A person who has been deficient in a key nutrient for many years will develop a dependency syndrome whereby they require larger amounts of the nutrient on an ongoing basis to recover their health. To remain healthy they have to keep on taking the supplements after they regain their health to avoid relapses.

This was first discovered when treating people with the disease pellagra which was epidemic in the USA from 1900 up to the early 1940ies.

It was known as the four Ds disease – dermatitis, dementia, diarrhea and death.

It started with fatigue and depression plus skin issues and as it worsened psychotic episodes similar to schizophrenia developed, then loss of brain function along with severe diarrhea then death. In the 1930ies 30,000 people died from it and 100,000s suffered from the symptoms.

It was caused by a deficit of vitamin B complex and when the government made it compulsory to add vitamin B to flour in 1941 the disease began to disappear.

It was discovered that some people did not recover from pellagra unless they were given larger quantities of vitamin B and in particular vitamin B3.

They had developed what is known as a dependency on vitamin B3 and needed more to recover and to keep on taking it to remain well.

This was also found to be the situation when treating alcoholics for depression and persons suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. They all required vitamin B3 totaling 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the day to both recover and remain well.

So if you have had a deficit of a key nutrient for years then you may have developed a dependency and will require larger amounts on a daily basis to recover your health and keep on taking it to remain well.

Subclinical disease. This is a situation where the disease is present but is hard to diagnose. There are symptoms like fatigue and depression but the cause is not obvious or properly diagnosed.

Its likely to be a shortage of key nutrition elements or thyroid issues and or SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

Below is an excerpt from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service dated October 7 2005

Mental Health Treatment That Works

Doctors report that mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, [ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder], anti-social and learning disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders often have a common cause : insufficient nutrients in the brain.


Nutritionally oriented doctors assert that the cure for these problems is to give the body the extra nutrients it needs, especially when under abnormal stress.

Orthomolecular medical researchers say the future of psychiatry is in nutrition because nutrition has such a long, safe and effective history of correcting many mental problems.

Nutrients such as the B vitamins are most successful when taken regularly, taken in relatively high doses, and taken in conjunction with vitamin C, the essential fatty acids [EFAs], and the minerals magnesium and selenium.

A summary of what has worked for many people follow below. The safety of vitamins and minerals is extraordinary, and the expense of trying them is much less than the cost of hazardous pharmaceutical drugs. These nutrients can be purchased in a discount or health store [or online]

Taking 1,000 milligrams of vitamin B3 three times a day often cures mild to moderate depression. Dramatic results are often achieved within one week of beginning this nutritional program, especially in alcoholics.

Sometimes a simple deficiency of vitamin D causes depression, 3000 IU per day from all sources can alleviate this problem.

3,000 milligrams per day or more of niacin [vitamin B3], along with the same quantity of vitamin C, taken in divided doses throughout the day can successfully treat both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Vitamins B3, B6, C and the minerals magnesium and zinc frequently produce a good response in ADHD and autistic children. It is essential that these children are not fed sugar, products made from white flour and corn fructose. These products have been found to very toxic for hyperactive children with behavioural disorders.

Sodas and fruit juices and high sugar yoghurt are also toxic for these children.

Vitamins B6, folate and B12 taken together lower elevated homocystine levels in the elderly while improving mental function.

As pointed out by chemistry professor and vitamin discoverer Roger J. Williams PhD, each individual has different nutritional needs and responds differently to nutrients. Are you tired of being depressed, suffering from anxiety, paying huge prescription drug bills for unsafe prescriptions that do not solve the problem or produce undesirable side effects?

Are you tired of the piecemeal trail and error approach to finding a solution to your mental and or emotional problems? If so, adults should consider the following nutritional protocol, which will bathe your brain and nerves in natural nutrients and may well produce dramatic results.

The cost of trying the program below is less than the cost of a typical doctor’s office visit. It is safe and convenient. All of these nutrients can purchased at discounts stores [or online].

After the morning meal take :

  • A multivitamin tablet
  • 1000 milligrams of vitamin B3 [ as niacinamide or inositol hexanicotinate]
  • One B complex tablet
  • 100 mg of vitamin B6
  • 1,200 micrograms of vitamin B9 [folate or folic acid]
  • 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D ( the lower number if you get sunshine or higher if you do not ]
  • 200 mg of magnesium
  • 1,000 mg of vitamin C
  • 50 mg of zinc
  • 200 micrograms of selenium
  • 30 grams of soy protein powder and one tablespoon of lecithin granules mixed into one small glass of milk, taken along with a supplement of omega three fatty acid

After the midday meal take ::

  • 1000 mg of vitamin B3
  • 1,200 mcg of folic acid
  • 100mg of vitamin B6
  • one B complex tablet
  • 1,000 mg of vitamin C
  • 200 mg of magnesium

After the evening meal take :

  • a multivitamin tablet
  • 1000 mg of vitamin C
  • 100 mg of vitamin B6
  • 1000 mg of vitamin B3
  • one B complex tablet

All the above supplements are safe in the recommended amounts, as well as inexpensive and convenient.”

Oh its a lot of pills to take!!!

You have a choice to supplement to recover joy and your life  – or not.

Good life vs a sick shitty life.

From any perspective the drama of taking a few pills is better than living a life of depression and ill health.


Other Treatments Of Depression

Get some one to talk to whether it is a friend or a professional counsellor.

Be mindful or when you are thinking dark thoughts and consciously decide whether you want to continue with this thought thread. You can choose to continue or change the scenario.

There are help lines that could give you assistance.

Try to focus on being totally in the present moment. The past cannot be changed – its over. The future is unknown – if it was we would all have winning lottery tickets!

The present right now is all we have. Be there and see the good stuff that is happening – for every one item of bad news there are at least 10,000 good things happening ; happy and compassionate  happenings on this earth planet.

Exercise is great. Go walking – 10,000 steps is a good goal per day. Your body needs to move and stretch to feel well. Cycling is great if you have a safe place to do it free of traffic.


Alas my days of being young, fit and trim are well gone, however I either cycle or walk each day which gives me both joy and exercise.

Some people find meditation good and other find pilates or yoga to be relaxing.

Find an option that suits you for moving your body purposefully every day for a least half an hour.


Use natural remedies that work to recover good health

Take action to recover your sense of wellness and happiness. Start with the simple choice of taking 2 four hundred IU vitamin D3 tablets – perhaps you have SAD [ seasonal affective disorder] the winter blues and vitamin D will do the job.

Some people are short of selenium [ a commonplace deficit in soils leads to a deficiency in food ] and recover and some are seriously low in vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

If the depression continues get your thyroid checked., read Thyroid Power and contact the writers if you get no where with your own doctor – it happens.

Start on the protocol above to beat your depression.

Cut back on the alcohol also. Alcohol is a neuro-toxin and is full of sugar. Its proven to be a depressant – it makes drinkers depressed once the euphoria goes!

The one other thing you need is to be properly hydrated. If you are dehydrated you will be tired and have brain fog and be constipated.

Drink a minimum of six glasses or water per day. Two before each meal and fit in at least two others to have a chance of being properly hydrated.

If you are not properly hydrated you will not recover your health and well-being.

Go to this article about how to hydrate properly.

Wishing you good health and happiness. If this information is helpful please pass it on.



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EYE Disease – prevent and treat it naturally with vitamins and nutrition

Windows to the soul


Eyesight problems can affect people of all ages and as we age there is a HIGHER RISK of suffering from eye disease and loss of vision.

This article will tell you the symptoms and how to treat and prevent eye disease naturally  . How to supplement with vitamins and what to eat to both prevent and treat eye diseases.

Why are eyes unhealthy ?

Smoking has a bad effect not only on lungs but eyes as well. Most smokers are chronically short of vitamin C and as a consequence suffer from higher oxidation damage to their body than non-smokers and are more prone to disease because of their body’s weakened immune system.

Poor nutrition means that the body cannot get the vitamins and minerals it needs to function well and the weakened immune system cannot prevent disease from starting nor fight it effectively.

If this condition continues for any length of time then as people age they will become progressively more unhealthy and more diseases will begin to manifest in their bodies. It’s not solely a function of aging but more one of prolonged poor nutrition. The body has been deprived of the nutrition it requires in the form of vitamins and minerals for too long and begins to malfunction in many ways including the manifestation of diseases.

Age related disease follows from a lifetime of poor nutrition and exposure to strong light damages eyes. Being outdoors and not wearing sunglasses will damage your eyes through continuous exposure to sunlight.

Sitting for hours each day in front of a computer screen continuously emitting strong light including blue light will damage your eyes over time. Wear sunglasses when outdoors in bright sunlight and use computer screen filters to reduce the effect of light ray emissions.

The retina contains the light sensitive rods and cones which capture light rays and then they are converted to electrical messages via the nervous system and sent via the optic nerve to the brain for interpretations and analysis.

These rods and cones are repaired and replaced however with aging they do recover from damage or replace themselves so efficiently. This deterioration is labeled degenerative disease of the photo receptor cells – macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. The effect is a gradual loss of eyesight which worsens as the disease progresses culminating in blindness.

Eye Examinations

Get your eyes checked not just for how good your vision is but to check for signs of disease such as glaucoma and any issues that maybe present in the form of cataracts, or detachment of the retina – this can be fixed if the detachment is detected in the early stages. Cataract is the clouding of the eye lens and the scattering of light as it enters the eye. This caused by oxidation stress in the cells of the eye.

It you are in an accident and suffer from strong physical shock, for example a fall or a car accident, a fall from a bike etc. then get your eyes checked in case there is some detachment of the retina. This can be treated successfully if found in the early stages.


Nutrition and Supplementation For Eye Health


Good Food

The over consumption of simple carbohydrates causes the digestive system to overload the blood with glucose ( sugar ) which is toxic for the entire body, overloads the pancreas ( which may cease to function ), and causes damage to all cells and organs of the body including your eyes.

Simple carbohydrates are sugar, white flour, corn fructose syrup, white rice and any processed foods containing these ingredients. Do not eat this stuff because it is slowly but surely poisoning your body including your eyes. Eating this stuff is the main cause of the disease diabetes which causes severe damage to your body.

Move your nutrition away from simple carbohydrates that poison you to complex carbohydrates which are more nutritious and will stop your blood sugar from going crazy high all the time.

Complex carbs are potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and brown rice – do not eat white rice because it’s an easy to digest simple carbohydrate and your gut converts it to glucose very quickly and overloads your blood with glucose (sugar).
People who eat lots of white rice often have eyesight deterioration. White rice is just carbohydrate and not much else.

Your poor body cannot use all this glucose and converts it ( if your pancreas is still working properly) to fat which you will accumulate over time and become not only unwell but obese unattractive.

Eat green and yellow and red vegetables to get vital nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Go on a low carb, high vegetable moderate protein diet.

You will feel better, lose weight and your body will begin to heal itself from the toxic effects of a high carb low nutrition life style.

So will your eyes heals themselves with a supply of good nutrients from your diet.

Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

If you are lacking in vital vitamins and minerals your health will deteriorate over time. Your immune system will not work properly and be unable to stop diseases from establishing themselves in your body – it’s your first line of defense against disease.

Robert G Smith, Ph.D, in his book The Vitamin Cure For Eye Disease recommends the following vitamins for your eyes :

Vitamin A 5,000 – 10,000 IU
Beta – carotene 10-20 milligrams (mg)
Thiamine – B1 50-100 mg
Riboflavin – B2 50-100 mg
Niacin – B3 50-2000 mg divided dose
Pantothenate – B5 50-100 mg
Pyridoxine – B6 50-100mg
Biotin – B7 50-100mg
Folate B9 400-1000 micro grams -mcg
Cobalamain B12 100-1000 mcg when necessary
Vitamin C 3000 to 10000 mg per day in divided doses

To bowel tolerance

Vitamin D 2000 to 10000 IU
Vitamin E 400-1,200 IU – natural mixed tocopherols
Calcium 500 to 1000 mg per day, as chelate, malate, or orotate
Magnesium 300-600 per day as chloride, chelate or malate
Iron 2-20 mg depending on need
Zinc 20-50 mg
Copper 2 mg
Selenium 50-200mcg
Lutein/Zeaxanthin 10-20 mg ( ½ cup kale,collards or spinach)
Omega 3 oils 1000 to 3000 mg ( oily fish, flax seed oil, fish oil)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200-1000 mg
Co enzyme Q10 100-1000mg
N-acetylcysteine 100-500 mg if no containdiction –


Trace elements Sea salt

For the vitamin C to bowel tolerance means that if you experience flatulence ( more than normal) or loose stools reduce the quantity of vitamin C you take until it goes.

Vitamin B12 is stored in the body so supplementing once per week is OK. Its good to get a blood test for your B12 level. Some people cannot absorb it from food or supplementation – its vital for good health.

N-acetylcysteine – if you are on medication check that is does not conflict with it.




Robert Smith’s book contains very comprehensive references on the subject of eye disease and the treatment there of. If you have problems with your sight or know someone who does this is a great reference source for finding healing protocols and options.

Natural healing to prevent and cure eye disease.


Dr. Andrew Saul in his book Doctor Yourself gives recommendations for maintaining good eye health. He gives the history of a 30 year old woman who came to see him with severe lost of vision and having been told by her specialist that there was nothing he could do for her. Saul per her on a low carb diet that included lots of sprouts 3 times per day. She had everything to gain and nothing to loose so she started this diet and most importantly stuck with it.

Months passes and she stuck with her high intake of sprouts. Her eye sight began to recover and recover and then returned to 100%. Nutrition is so important for your health.

Andrew Saul is an expert in treating disease with proper nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Check out his website below.

Go to Andrew Saul’s website here.

The other key element for good eye health in addition to diet and vitamins is to ensure your are properly hydrated. As we age it is a fact that we begin to loose our sense of thirst and by the time you feel feel thirsty you are dehydrated.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Two before breakfast, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner.

Tea and coffee do not hydrate – they make you pee more liquid than you drank.

A dry body = dry and fatigued eyes.


See this article on this site about proper hydration. Go here

Be well and happy




The Vitamin Cure For Eye Disease, Robert G. Smith, PhD, Basic Health,2012

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Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, F Batmangelidj, M.D.,Global Health,208

Niacin/Vitamin B3 For Your Nutrition -the beautiful vitamin for mind and body

Vitamin B3 named Niacin is a versatile addition to your well-being – it gives you good mental health and physical health.




How Safe Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are very safe to use to improve your nutrition and health in conjunction with proper hydration and a good diet free of sugar and processed foods containing sugar and or white flour.

See this excerpt below.

This excerpt is from the publication :

Niacin The Real Story, A.Hoffer M.D., Ph. D, A. W> Saul Ph. D, H.D. Foster Ph.D. Basic Health, 2012,

If anyone says that vitamins are dangerous to your health and cause death it is a lie. The ONLY side effects of taking too much niacin is nausea. That’s all. Just cut back on your intake and it will go.

Over 100,000 people die every year from the effects of drugs properly prescribed by M.Ds. Vitamins do not cause deaths and illness – they give health and wellness. You will learn below how ans epidemic of a serious illness plagued the USA in the 1920ies and 1930ies until in the early 1940ies it was cured by adding vitamins to processed food – namely bread.

Humans are one of the few mammals who do not make their own vitamin C. If vitamin C was not safe and healthy then almost all the mammals on the planet would die from the vitamin C they make in their bodies. For example dogs, cats and mice make huge amounts of vitamin C each day to remain healthy.

When they are unwell they make more vitamin C than normal to regain their health.

So more about niacin – vitamin B3.

Pellagra Disease

In the early 1900s food processing tech advance rapidly. Flour mills became ever more effective at milling wheat and were able to produce large quantities of white flour from which all nutrition with the exception of carbohydrate was removed. Shortly thereafter there was an epidemic of the disease pellagra – each year 100,000s or people contracted the disease in the USA right up to the early 1940ies. In the 1920ies and 1930ies people were dying in the 1000s from pellagra.

It was a major problem and hospitals were full of people with the disease and mental health institutions. The symptoms were nasty :

– dermatitis

– diarrhea

– dementia

– death

The four Ds.

It progressed slowly. It was caused by poor nutrition and in particular a deficit of niacin or vitamin B3.

The mental symptoms were often confused with various psychiatric disorders from confused thinking, to delusions and dementia, bipolar and schizophrenia. It affected both the mind and the body very badly. Early onset symptoms are fatigue, trouble concentrating and confused thinking.

In the early 1940ies it was found that the B group of vitamins quickly cured this disease – it was a disease of malnutrition and caused by a lack of B vitamin in the milled white flour.
White flour provides only simple carbohydrate which your digestive system quickly converts to glucose in your blood. If you eat lots of processed food made with white flour you overload your blood with glucose and over work your pancreas which has to produce large quantities of insulin to cope with the glucose.

Now it is law that white flour must have vitamin B and iron added to it before it can be sold or used to make processed foods!

Even governments accept that vitamins are necessary and essential for good health. If you have a deficit of vitamin B3 or any of the B complex vitamins you will be ill – tired all the time and find life hard to cope with.

Some people develop not only a deficit of vitamin B3 but also a dependency – they must keep taking it every day to remain well. This dependency syndrome was discovered when treating pellagra sufferers who had been deprived of adequate vitamin B3 for many years. It took them longer to recover from pellagra and they quickly became ill again when they stopped supplementing with B3.

This was found to be the effect for people with post-traumatic stress syndrome and various mental illnesses from depression, addiction, Alzheimer, dementia and schizophrenia and bipolar diseases.

These people with the dependency syndrome needed larger amounts of B3 to recover and had to keep on taking it to remain well. The great news is that this is a very safe vitamin to take and unlike prescription medicines it works to heal and there are no side effects.

Forms of Vitamin B3

There is just plain niacin or vitamin B3. This has one effect only which is to cause flushing or the skin. Some people do not like this but it soon goes away after three to four days of using it. This is a small effect, it is harmless and not that it is niacin that very effectively causes your body to manage cholesterol levels so that you have good levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

There is slow release niacin or called no flush niacin which releases more slowly into the body and the flushing is less or does not occur. This form of niacin is great for cholesterol management. Both plain niacin and slow release niacin are very effective and proven cholesterol managers – they are great for you heart and circulatory system.

There is another form of niacin called niacinamide. This has no flushing effect whatsoever but it does have the cholesterol managing effect of the niacin form of vitamin B3. It does have the effect of reducing the effects of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. This is the best form of B3 to take for good mental health.

For cardiovascular health go for plain old niacin and start with small does to minimize the flushing and stick at it for a few days until it stops with regular use of the niacin.

Tests have shown that niacin is far superior to statins for controlling cholesterol levels and has no side effects. The side effects of statins are awful – read about them online.

It is safe to take 250 mg doses of niacin five to six times per day. For people who are unwell then up to 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the day has been very effective.

For children with severe behavioral problems up to 3000 mg per day in divided doses has been used successfully – see below.

Positive Effect on Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease

Niacin or slow release niacin has been proven to reduce levels of the bad cholesterol and enhance levels of the good cholesterol. It is far more effective than any of the prescribed drugs on the market. The manufacturers of drugs do not want you to know this and spread lies and untruths about the effectiveness of niacin for treating cardiovascular diseases – they want you to buy their drugs and are ruthless about alternatives. The FDA is staffed by drug manufacturing employees and spread propaganda against natural remedies that work and even better have no harmful side effects.

Check the harmful side effects of legally prescribed drugs – they are serious and damaging to good health.

If you have cholesterol problems and or a heart condition then take niacin or no flush niacin. It will initially make you flush if you take ordinary niacin but this will pass within a few days if you take it every day which is recommended. Start with small doses divided across the day until you are taking 5 divided doses of 250 mg per day and or up to a total of 3000mg per day.

Keep doing this and keep to it for the rest of your days. Don’t give up on your health. Read more of the references for this article and in particular Niacin The Real Story – it’s easy to read and tells the truth. Plus it’s full of good references. Your heart also needs magnesium, potassium, manganese, chromium and vitamins D C and B complex.

Nutrient Recommended Dose

Vitamin A : 5000 to 10000 iu per day

Beta-carotine : 10-20 milligrams (mg)

Thiamine – B1 : 50-100 mg

Riboflavin – B2 : 50-100 mg

Niacin – B3 : 400-2000 mg, divided doses, can replace with niacinamide to prevent flushing

Pantothenate – B5 : 50 – 100 mg

Pyridoxine – B6 : 50 – 100 micrograms ( mcg )

Biotin – B7 : 50 – 100 micrograms (mcg)

Folate – B9 : 400 – 800 mcg

Cobalamin – B12 : 10 – 100 mcg

Vitamin C : 2000 – 10000 mg divided doses across day to bowel tolerance

Vitamin D : 2000 to 10000 IU divided doses across day and or direct sunlight for ½ hour per day summer. Other seasons longer.

Vitamin E : 400-1200 IU natural mixed tocopherols, including gamatocopherol

Vitamin – K1 : 1000 mcg ( phylloquinone or phytonadione) when diet is inadequate

Vitamin – K2 : 1-15 mg of MK4 9 menquinone –4 or menatetranone ) or 100mcg of MK-7

Calcium : 200 – 600mg per day ( 1.5 tp 3 mg per pound body weight ) of citrate or chelate type or cut to 50% if your diet includes it.

Magnesium : 200-600 mg ( 1.5 to 3 mg per pound body weight per day) or 50% less if your diet includes it

Iron : 0-20 mg, according to need and blood test

Zinc : 20-50 mg

Copper : 2 mg, taken with 50 mg of zinc

Manganese : 1-10 mg

Selenium : 50 – 200 mcg

Iodine : 150 – 400 mcg

Omega 3 oils : 1,000 – 3000 mg ( 1-2 teaspoons flax seed oil , 1-3 tablespoons flax meal, 1-2 tablespoons fish oil)

Alpha lipoic acid : 100-500 mg

N-acetyl-cysteine : 100-500 mg divided doses

Co enzyme Q10 : 100-200 mg

Trace elements sources : Sea salt or multivitamin tablets


Plus you need to be totally well hydrated to heal – drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. See here for an article about how to be properly  hydrated. Cut down your coffee – it’s a diuretic and has dehydrating effect. If you start drinking more water plus lots of coffee you spent too much time tracking to the bathroom. Cut the coffee to one or two per day and hydrate with just water. This will help your body to heal more quickly – it’s really important for your health.

Diet will also help your heart heal. Don’t eat processed foods made from white flour and containing sugar or corn fructose. Cut down other sources of sugar consumption – as you age you body will not cope well with lots of refined carbohydrates and in particular white flour and sugar.

Simple carbohydrates, such as sugar and processed food made from white flour, go almost straight into your blood stream as glucose, overloads your blood with glucose and the pancreas as it tries to make enough insulin to deal with the toxic glucose levels in the blood.


It leads not only to heart issues but diabetes as well. High levels of glucose in your blood are toxic for your body. This is referred to as metabolic syndrome – you will feel tired and often hungry and there will be big highs and lows of glucose levels in your blood. Your pancreas will be stressed daily by you body’s demand for insulin to deal with the overload of glucose in your blood.


Positive Effect On Anxiety and Depression

One of the side effects of being deficient in one or more vitamins is fatigue and difficulty with concentration, thinking and focusing on daily tasks. For mental health it is claimed that it is better to take niacinamide in addition to niacin. See The Vitamin Cure For Chronic Fatigue – J E Prousky, M. Sc., N.D., Basic Health,2010. Page 78.

Supplementation with vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and B complex plus additional niacin or niacinamide has been found to be very beneficial for someone with anxiety and or depression. Up to 2000 or 3000 mg of vitamin B3 daily – either niacin or niacinamide has had good results.

A vitamin B12 deficiency should also be checked where there is ongoing fatigue and depression. It’s a simple blood test. Some people have trouble getting sufficient vitamin B12 via their digestive system and may need to have it by injection each month. This is a serious deficiency when it occurs. It causes fatigue, depression and confused thinking.

Stick with it and do not give up taking it. For some results will come quickly while others need to take it for a least a year or longer. It will work. It you have a dependency ( you have been chronically deprived of B complex vitamins for many years) you will need to keep on taking it all your life to remain in good health.

Positive Effect on Nervous System Diseases

The body uses niacin or niacinamide to make a molecule called NAD which is then converted by the body into vital amino acids and enzymes used by all cells in your body.

A deficit of NAD has been found to cause dysfunction of all kinds in cells and organs including the brain and nervous system.

Neurological diseases develop. Migraine headaches, Multiple sclerosis.and Parkinsons disease. High doses of niacin have been found helpful.

Positive effect on Attention Deficit Disorders

Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide has been used to rescue children from mental disorders that include depression, hyperactive behavior, confused thinking and anxiety, reckless behavior and a lack of empathy for others.

It has been proven effective to reduce the effect of the disorders mentioned above and with continued use recovery is achieved. The addition of a nutrient to the child’s diet is very effective.

If its so good why isn’t everyone using it? Modern medicine is totally focused on prescription drugs – that where the money is. High value patented drugs. There is a concerted opposition to cheap and effective natural remedies that work and do not have nasty side effects like Ritalin does.

I quote directly from A Hoffer, M.D., where he talks about his clinical experience with treating children :

‘ I have seen well over 2,000 children under the age of fourteen since 1955. The result of orthomolecular treatment in which vitamin B3 is the main constituent has been very good, without the need to use any medication. In the early days I did on occasion use very small doses of anti-depressants for children who were bed wetters.

Later I would simply eliminate the foods they were allergic to. Most of the children recovered. Recovery depended more on the cooperation of their parents, who were able to persuade even recalcitrant children that they should take their vitamins. More recently I have seen former child patients who brought their children in.

Here are a few examples to illustrate results. One of the first was Mary ( not her real name ) who at age 7 was diagnosed as mentally retarded. This a too harsh reality for modern parents, and to please them, psychiatry adopted other equally erroneous names such as the ADD series of diagnoses.

Mary’s mother was a schizophrenic. Mary could not learn, she was developing behavioral problems and she was being readied for classes for the retarded.

I was asked to see her by a friend. At that time I had little experience in treating children. I could not see anything wrong with her and had to accept her parent’s observations. I started Mary on niacinamide.

!000 mg after each of her three meals.

Two years later she was no better. Not knowing what else to do, I suggested patience and that they should continue with the supplementation. She recovered in the third year.

Mary completed university on the Dean’s list, became a music teacher, married, raise her family and has since retired. A small amount of vitamin turned her life around.

In 1960 a doctor phoned me, very worried about his 12 year old son, who was schizophrenic. His psychiatrist had advised him that he would never recover, and to lock him up and forget about him. Following my advice he obtained niacin, but the psychiatrist refused to give it to him, stating they had tried it, it had never worked, and it would fry his brain. All lies.

So his father began to visit him every day, and while they were walking about the grounds of the hospital, he fed his son jam sandwiches containing niacin. About 12 weeks later his son said: ” Daddy I want to go home”.

He later became a doctor and worked in Professor Linus Pauling’s laboratory.”

Professor Linus is the only person to win 2 Nobel prizes one of which was for his research into the healing power of vitamin C over bacteria and viruses, including the common cold. Yes if you take enough vitamin C you can cure colds and the flu. It s a lie if anyone says differently and there are lots who do! You need to take at least 3000 gms of vitamin in divided doses over a day for this to work. It the flu is bad take up to 6000 mg per day in divided doses.


Positive Effect On Bipolar and Schizophrenia Disease

niacinimide has been used in doses of 2000 to 3000 mg per day, in divided doses over the course of the day, to successfully reverse the psychoses of bipolar and schizophrenia.

In 1952 Abram Hoffer, co-author of Niacin the Real Story, completed his psychiatry training and proved with a clinical study that vitamin B3 could cure schizophrenia.

These results have been replicated by doctors and established as an effective cure for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

The mainstream medical professional and the drug companies disagree and tranquilize sufferers into passive states or restrain them in hospitals. They make more money selling drugs and care and do not wish to cure but continue to earn high income for drugs and care that do not work. They do make money from vitamin cures.

Positive Effect On Stress Related Illnesses including PTSD

Survivors from Japanese prisoner of war camps during World War Two were found to have suffered severe malnutrition and severe emotional stress for many years until they were freed. They were carefully nursed to gain weight and even though they got back their body weight they continued to suffer from high rate of physical and mental illnesses. They aged prematurely and many died in their 50ies.

Abram Hoffer unknowingly met one of the survivors in the course of his medical practice work and advised him that the people he was caring for would respond well to niacin supplementation. This person was told by A Hoffer that initially use of niacin would cause flushing. This person chose to take it himself before he gave it to the people he was caring for so that he would feel the flush and explain what it was like.

Unknown to Hoffer the man to who he told to give niacin to the people he was caring for was a survivor of a Japanese prisoner of war camp. This man took niacin for six weeks and for the first time since his imprisonment during the war felt well and happy. He had suffered from poor physical and mental health – post-traumatic stress syndrome ( PTSD ) since W.W.2.

He then referred 20 other veterans to A Hoffer M.D. He treated them all with niacin supplementation and they ALL recovered from the PTSD they had been suffering from for many years.

It is highly beneficial for anyone who has experience high or extreme stress to take vitamin B3 to heal from the shock of the event. This includes trauma of any kind from the loss of a loved one to work related trauma to war veterans. Most persons with PTSD are given tranquilizers and anti-depressants of other drugs. All these do is suppress the symptoms and dull the lives of the sufferers.

It you know anyone with the PTSD syndrome get them to try niacin – 2,000 to 3,000 mg daily and ongoing to relieve the stress and anxiety they suffer from. It works and has no side effects apart from the initial flushing which will disappear after about three days of using the niacin. They will get their lives back.

On February 22, 2012, the city I live in was hit by a severe earthquake. Many houses and commercial buildings were destroyed and badly damaged. 387 people died in the quake and many in the days after from injury and heart attacks. The earthquake after shocks continued for another 11 months, some quite severe and casing further damage to property.

The stress on the citizens was huge. People were in shock from the initial quake and then had to endure aftershock quakes on a daily basis – not knowing if it was going to be another big one or not.

Sleep deprivation was wide spread from the earthquakes at night. Many people had developed PTSD. Including myself. I wish I had known about the beneficial effects of vitamin B3 at the time.

I have used it now to help recover from the syndrome and I have my life back to normal.

When people have suffered from PTSD for a long time they will have to keep taking niacin to stop going back into a PTSD state. It is completely safe for prolonged use and has no negative side effects unlike legally prescribed drugs .

Positive Effect On Aging Disease

There is an emerging view among leading genetic scientists that aging is a disease caused by dysfunction in the body due to a deficit of key vitamins and minerals.

Niacin is needed for the body to make the NAD molecule which is needed by every cell in the body to function properly, repair and die when it is time to replace it with a new cell.

This is a key process to remain in good health and for your body to function well.

Positive Effect on Diabetes Disease

A combination of the supplements vitamins C, D, E, B complex and B3 has been found to help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It maintains their overall health whilst dealing with a disease.

See the article on this site about managing diabetes with good nutrition including vitamins

Positive Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome have a lot in common with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Some sufferers of chronic fatigue have benefited from taking the core vitamins C, D,E,Bcomplex but also extra vitamin B3 in doses of between 2000 and 3000 mg per day in divided doses over the course of the day. Plus trace elements.

This is a miserable and debilitating syndrome which can be alleviated with vitamin nutrition.

Positive Effect On Alcoholism and Other Addictions.

Recovering alcoholics have been successfully supplemented with vitamin B complex and additional vitamin B3. It has the effect of reducing their anxiety and depression and their need for alcohol.

Often alcoholics are have a huge deficit of all vitamins and B12 injections are needed to restore them to health.

It is an illness for which the sufferer must seek help themselves – they cannot be coerced or talked into seeking help.


Positive Effect on Arthritis

See the article on this website about arthritis

Positive Effect on Down Syndrome Children

Vitamin B3 supplementation along with the other key vitamins has been used to increase the cognitive power and abilities of children born with down syndrome. Dr. H Turkel improved the well- being and cognitive processes of children born with down syndrome and his results were confirmed by tests undertaken by McLeod some 60 years later.

For further reading :

Medical Amelioration of Downs Syndrome incorporating the orthomolecular approach. Dr. H. Turkel, Journal Orthomolecular Psych 4 ( 1975) : 102-115

Medical Treatment of Down Syndrome and genetic diseases, Dr. H. Turkel, Southfield, MI :Ubotica, 4th rev ed., 1985

Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy, K. McLeod, Kemanso Publishing, 2003

Positive Effect On AlzheimerDisease

People diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer have been successfully treated with vitamin B3 to halt the progression of the disease and in some instances remove all symptoms. It is important that the patient is properly hydrated – dehydration causes mental confusion – and is also supplemented with vitamins C, D, E and B complex plus magnesium and zinc – all on a daily basis. B3 supplementation is up to 3000mg per day in divided doses over the day.

Vitamin B3 is a must have for your daily nutrition and extra should be taken for treating diseases. It has been shown to be especially good for mental health, cardiovascular health, diabetes help and arthritis.


Be healthy and well. Help others to heal and recover their lives.

I encourage you to read more about this vitamin B 3 and start with the book below and then others in the bibliography.




Medical Amelioration of Downs Syndrome incorporating the orthomolecular approach. Dr. H. Turkel, Journal Orthomolecular Psych 4 ( 1975) : 102-115

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The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease, Ed A.W. Saul PhD., Basic Health, 2014


Diabetes – vitamins and nutrition

Diabetes type 1 and 2 sufferers can benefit from making changes to their nutrition and supplementing it with vitamins and minerals to improve health and well-being.



What is diabetes?

The body breaks down food into glucose which is used to fuel all cells in the body. The glucose enters the blood stream

and the body produces insulin in the pancreas. The insulin is transported into the blood stream where it facilitates the movement of glucose to the muscle, fat, and liver cells. The hormone insulin acts with the assistance of other metabolic actions to open up the cell membrane so that glucose molecules enter the cell. The cell uses the glucose to produce energy.

In a diabetic state the glucose builds up in the blood because the body cannot use the glucose and body cells are starved for energy. The pancreas either produces a small amount or no insulin or the cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced.

The glucose remains in the blood. Symptoms are :

– fatigue

– sugar craving

– psychological changes

– weight loss

– very thirsty

– hungry all the time

– weight loss

– wounds do not heal.

High blood glucose levels are toxic to the body and it’s organs.

People with type 1 diabetes are totally dependent on insulin injections to live. People with type 2 diabetes are not totally dependent on insulin initially and the disease can be controlled with oral medication but unfortunately this leads to type 1 and the need for daily insulin injections in the long term.

The following people are at higher risk of developing diabetes :

– overweight or obese

– smokers

– metabolic syndrome – high intake of sugar and processed food containing large amounts of sugar and white flour. A high carbohydrate diet. The body is overloaded with carbohydrates and experiences a continuous high level of blood sugar. There is a grouping of factors called the deadly 4 :

* high blood pressure

* insulin resistance

*excess body fat

*abnormal cholesterol levels.


– inactive. Do not walk or undertake any exercise.

This diabetes 2 may not be diagnosed for many years. It is sub clinical and only is diagnosed when it reaches a serious level. and the symptoms can no longer be ignored by the sufferer.

Many illnesses can exist at subclinical level and are not diagnosed until the disease advances to a point where the effects or symptoms are too serious to ignore.

Hypoglycemia is a warning sign that you are heading down the path to diabetes. It is a sudden drop in the level of sugar/glucose  in your blood.  Easily digestible simple carbohydrates like sugar and white flour are quickly digested and cause a spike upwards in the glucose level in your blood. This glucose then is used and the level in your blood goes down low very suddenly.

Eat complex and slowly digested carbs to avoid big highs and lows  in glucose .


Early signs and symptoms of diabetic hypoglycemia include:
  • Shakiness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sweating.
  • Hunger.
  • Irritability or moodiness.
  • Anxiety or nervousness.
  • Headache.



Life style changes can delay or even prevent the development of serious illnesses.

Changes can reduce the negative symptoms and effects of existing illness.

Reduce blood pressure and fat in and around your belly to lower the risk of diabetes and if already a sufferer then still do so to allow your body to deal better with a current diabetes illness. Stop eating sugar and food made from white flour and with sugar added. Cakes, pizza, bread, pancakes and sodas all are sources of sugar and simple carbohydrates which will over load your body with glucose. They will be processed into fat and kill you. It is a slow and unpleasant death.

There is now growing research into food allergies as a cause of illness. This is certainly the case for some people who are allergic to gluten a protein found in wheat, oats and rye. It causes an allergic reaction whereby the body produces cells which attack the body – autoimmune disease.

It has been found to damage the pancreas and the digestive track in folks allergic to gluten. Another good reason to significantly reduce or stop eating foods that contain gluten from wheat and other grains.

Change you lifestyle in the context of what you eat. Some people are allergic to dairy and do not realize it.

A surefire way to check for foods that impact you negatively is selective fasting for those foods. Don’t eat them for a week and see if you feel better. Get allergy tests as well. You health will improve significantly when you no longer eat the food you are allergic to and your inflammation problems will decrease.

Get out of your safe place where you tell yourself it’s OK to be obese. Face reality and do a body mass check – get real and heal.


BMI – Body Mass Indicator – Your Reality Check


At my age I am never going to have a flat stomach again however my BMI is a really important indicator of my health status now and ongoing.

Go here to calculate your BMI

What does your BMI mean

Underweight = <18.5

  • This result means that you may be underweight. Being underweight can be
    associated with a range of health issues. If you’re concerned about your
    weight, we recommend discussing your result with your MD, practice
    nurse or dietitian.

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

  • This result means that you are a healthy body weight which is generally good for your health. Keep up the great work!

Overweight = 25–29.9

  • This result means that you may be overweight. Carrying extra weight is
    associated with a range of health concerns, including being at an
    increased risk of heart disease. If you’re concerned about your weight,
    we recommend discussing your result with your MD, practice nurse
    or dietitian.

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

  • This result means that you may be obese. Obesity is associated with a range
    of health concerns, including being at an increased risk of heart
    disease. If you’re concerned about your weight, we recommend
    discussing your result with your GP, practice nurse or dietitian.

Although BMI is not a perfect measure, it is generally agreed to be the most
useful and valid for adults (18 years and over). However, there are
limitations. For instance:

  • It is less accurate as an indicator of overweight in adults with higher than normal levels of lean
    body tissue (muscle mass). This is because muscle weighs more than fat
    and the BMI does not take this into consideration. For super fit, ripped and large muscles.
  • It is less accurate as an indicator of overweight in ethnic groups with smaller body stature (i.e. Asian ethnic groups).

Along with BMI, measuring your waist circumference can help you to determine
whether you are carrying excess weight around your middle and your risk
of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Because children are still growing, the BMI calculator should not be used for children. If you’re under 18 years of age, seek advice from your MD about what a healthy weight is.

This your heads up for the kind of changes to make your lifestyle – especially what you eat. Face reality and if you are overweight or obese change your nutrition to significantly improve your health and avoid the segue from type 2 to type 1 diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes

There is no cure as yet for type 1 diabetes. The treatment consists of managing the glucose level in the blood so it remains at a consistent level and insulin injections make possible the transfer of glucose from the blood to where it is needed in the body cells.

A key part of the management program is nutrition. A nutrition regime that will not overload the digestive system with sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Help manage your symptoms by consuming slow release carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates which digest slowly, release glucose slowly and do not cause huge spikes in the blood’s glucose level or big dips or lows.

High blood sugar levels are toxic and this is the factor that damages the bodies of type 1 diabetics.

The one big thing that can be done is to eat well and avoid processed foods containing white flour and sugar. Eat slow release/complex carbs. For example brown
rice ( not white rice) , root vegetables such as potatoes, yams and buckwheat. Quinoa is a good one. There is lots of good information about slow release complex carbohydrates on the net.

Pizza is not one of them but for a treat you could make one using a non flour base – there’re recipes out there.

So nutrition is key to living with type 1 and making your body as healthy as possible to minimize the effects on your body.

See the sections below about supplementation with vitamins and more about nutrition. For your life’s sake lose weight, eat well to minimize glucose spikes and reduce the effects of toxicity to your body from high blood glucose levels. Avoid sugar and processed food containing sugar and or white flour.

I like chocolate and the problem is sugar. There are low sugar and naturally sweetened ( non sugar but natural sweeteners – do not take artificial sweeteners because they have very toxic side effects) chocolate out there.

Type 2 Diabetes

For type two diabetes sufferers there is still a chance to heal or at the very least reduce the intake of medication for glucose processing in your body. The focus is totally on improving your health with good nutrition and supplementation with vitamins.

Avoid sugar and products containing sugar and or white flour. Most fruit juices contain added sugar and all sodas do so.

These products overload you body with sugar and your pancreas cannot supply enough effective insulin, your blood level of glucose spikes, a blood glucose overload state occurs and this is toxic for your body. You are poisoning yourself with excessive glucose from your nutrition.

You will become more ill and end up totally dependent on insulin injections to remain alive however your body will deteriorate and further loss of function will occur. Eyesight, blood circulation and organ malfunction will be the result. Cardiovascular disease will set in.

This does not need to happen. Change your nutrition, lose wight to the right BMI for your height and supplement with vitamins and minerals. People with type two diabetes have regained their health, and either greatly reduced their medicine intake or got their blood sugar under control to the point that they no longer need medication.

How Safe Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are very safe to use to improve your nutrition and health in conjunction with proper hydration and a good diet free of sugar and processed foods containing sugar and or white flour.

See this excerpt below.

This excerpt is from the publication :

Niacin The Real Story, A.Hoffer M.D., Ph. D, A. W> Saul Ph. D, H.D. Foster Ph.D. Basic Health, 2012

If anyone says that vitamins are dangerous to your health and cause death it is a lie.

Over 100,000 people die every year from the effects of drugs properly prescribed by M.Ds. Vitamins do not cause deaths and illness – they give health and wellness. You will learn below how ans epdiemic of a seroius illness plagued the USA in the 1920ies and 1930ies until in the early 1940ies it was cured by adding vitamins to processed foods – namely bread.

Humans are one of the few mammals who do not make their own vitamin C. It vitamin C was not safe and healthy then almost all the mammals on the planet would die from the vitamin C they make in their bodies. Mice make huge amounts of vitamin C to remain healthy.


Supplements To Improve Nutrition

Dr. Ian Brighthope M.D. has a long medical career and much experience in treating and helping people with the diabetes disease. He has written about his experience in a great publication :

The Vitamin Cure For Diabetes, Ian E Brighthope, M.D., Basic Health Publications,2012



This is must read for anyone suffering from the disease of diabetes and who wishes to improve their health and cope well with the disease.

He recommends a nutrition based approach in conjunction with traditional insulin and other medicines prescribed to control the symptoms of diabetes. I quote a section of his book, page 57 :

Supplements confer huge benefits to the present and long-term health of people suffering from diabetes and the other conditions mentioned above. Attempts to correct these deficiencies and imbalances with diet alone is at best unscientific and at worst gross medical negligence. It is about time that doctors were properly trained in Nutritional Medicine before they are ever unleashed onto the public.”

Below is a list of his recommendations.

Vitamin C – ascorbate acid Diabetes creates an increased need for ascorbate that cannot be met by diet alone. Most people with diabetes do not get sufficient vitamin c. Take 2000mg per day in divided doses over the day.
B Complex vitamins Take two B complex tablets per day
Vitamin D Take a least one 400iu tablet per day. 2 tablets is good for people who do not get enough exposure to sunlight. Up to 1000 iu per day for folk over 50
Vitamin E Natural For the heart and circulatory system which is place under huge stress by diabetes. Between 1000 and 3000iu per day. If taking blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin check with your MD. Take at least 400iu per day.


Minerals and Trace Elements Can be found in multivitamin tablets or separately
Chromium – trace element Minute amounts in micro grams. For adults 500 mcg daily
Magnesium For proper nerve and muscle function

400 mg per day.

Zinc Take on empty stomach. Up to 60 mg per day.
Vanadium Needed in small amounts up to 10 mcg per day
Potassium Up to 3000 mg per day. Reduces blood pressure. Start with 400mg per day and reduce if nausea occurs.
Calcium 400 mg per day as a chelate form.
Manganese 5 to 15 mg per day
Selenium Up to 20 mg per day


Other Nutrients
Omega 3 oils Fish oils
Inositol 500mg twice daily
Carnitine 500 mg twice daily
Alpha lipoic acid 600 mg per day
Evening primrose oil 1000g per day. For men helps overcome impotence – a diabetes side effect.


Herbal Medicines
D -Purslane
Curcumin from Turmeric
Gymnema Sylvestra
Panax Ginseng

The other main recommendation is having a good diet free or sugar and white flour and diary with the exception of yoghurt.

Losing weight to get to your BMI.

Exercise by walking every day. The goal is 10,000 steps per day.

The other really critical factor is being properly hydrated. Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Two before breakfast, one mid morning, two before lunch, one mid afternoon and two before dinner.

See this article about proper hydration.

Tea and coffee make you pee more liquid than you drink – you will become more and more dehydrated. Sodas are toxic due to high sugar content and or artifical sweeteners.


Improve your overall health through good nutrition, exercise and hydration .






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Arthritis Prevention and Cures – how vitamins and nutrition will help you

Arthritis is caused by both dehydration and a deficit of vitamins and key elements, namely

– vitamin D

– vitamin C

– magnesium

– calcium;

– zinc

– boron

– manganese

– chromium

plus inflammation from poor nutrition.

You can prevent it, stop it from worsening and significantly reduce the pain and loss of joint mobility when it manifests in your body.

Pain killers and prescription drugs for arthritis do get a mention here. The remedies for arthritis and the prevention of arthritis in this article are natural, effective and proven. The side effects are zero unlike prescribed drugs and over the counter pain medicines.

Every year over 100,000 Americans die from the side effects of medicines that have been prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter.

These drugs suppress the symptoms, have terrible side effects and do not cure!

Take a look at what works – natural prevention and healing of arthritis.




Arthritic Conditions

Sub-clinical expression

This refers to a situation where either arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis is present but has not fully developed as a disease.

It will be apparent as

– occasional swelling of joints

– loss of dexterity or restriction in the range of movement in a joint

– stiffness when standing or moving after being seated or resting

– occasional pain in joints

– a bone fracture from what was seemingly a minor fall or accident ( loss of bone mass/strength/health)

– back pain that comes and goes.

This is not easy to diagnose due to the intermittent nature of the symptoms but take notice for these are warning signs of a move to a full disease state.

Take heed of these signs.

It’s not just aging and needs to be actioned quickly to stop the disease progression and reverse it.


The disease is sufficiently advanced in your body to make diagnosis easy. You have the disease and need to do something to stop it from worsening and then heal the effects.

Back and or joint pain. Swelling of joints and restricted movement in joints.

Xrays or scans reveal joint wear and damage. There is pain from joints when active.

Note that softening of the bones is a sign of osteoporosis whereby bone mass is reduced and bones are weakened. This cause posture deformation and the situtation where people are bent forward due to weakening of their bones and sometimes hairline fractures which cause changes in posture due to lack of support from the bone structures.


Lymes Disease

Lymes disease is spreading through the Nort American population. It’s a nasty bacterial and viral infection and can be misdiagnosed as a form of arthritis.

It causes effects similar to arthritis and needs treatment as soon as possible.

Get blood tests for the Lyme parasite and anti-bodies.


There is a real problem with non-specific inflammation of body tissues. This is sometimes referred to as autoimmune disease. In most cases the medical profession is baffled and can do little except prescribe medicines to suppress the symptoms but which have very bad side effects; e.g.. steroids.

Often this is caused by a combination of dehydration and poor nutrition – too much sugar, refined carbohydrate ( food made from white flour ) and a deficit of the key vitamins needed to maintain good health.

We are both thirsty and malnourished but don’t feel it except it’s manifests as disease and inflammation of the tissues.

Most main stream medical professionals will prescribe suppressing medicines, to reduce symptoms, rather advise you to make good choices for nutrition and proper hydration.

Nervous System Dysfunction

This can occur due to poor nutrition and can quickly be remedied by taking vitamin B complex, magnesium, zinc and multivitamin plus mineral tablets. Plus proper hydration – it is vital that you are properly hydrated to recover from arthritis or significantly reduce the effects.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Other liquids such as coffee, tea and sodas will not hydrate you and have the reverse effect – they cause you to become further dehydrated and unwell. Lack of proper hydration causes many illnesses and diseases yet is not taken seriously by many practitioners and patients.

When people grow older and become dehydrated they tend to mistake hunger for thirst.

Many illnesses result from dehydration and can be reversed with a regime of proper hydration.

Aches and pains and confused thinking can be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies plus dehydration. It is wrongly diagnosed simply as “aging” or even worse as Alzheimer or dementia. It may well be none of these and is easily reversed with proper hydration ( a minimum of six glasses of water per day – yes water – NOT coffee, tea or juice or sodas!!!} plus vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Undiagnosed Food Allergies and Malnutrition

In the 1930ies there was an epidemic of a nasty disease called Pellagra. This was a direct result of processed food causing malnutrition because key nutrients had been removed from the food during processing – the product was white flour. All the B vitamins had been removed from the flour and people became deficient of vitamin B – specifically niacin/niacinamide and very ill.  Some of the the symptoms of  pellagra are similar to arthritis.

Supplementation of diets with vitamin B complex cured pellagra.

The authorities eventually took action and required the addition of vitamin to white flour. It worked.

However diseases can exist at a sub-clinical level. The disease is present but not easily diagnosed. The suffer feels tired all the time, has some joint issues and is generally unhappy and grumpy. This is just put down to aging and considered untreatable. Very wrong. Supplementation with vitamins and proper hydration will cure this.

It has been proven that sugar and white flour products elevate blood sugar levels, overload the liver and the pancreas and lead to both diabetes and autoimmune disease – inflammation of the body tissues.

Modern strains of wheat have been deliberately bred to contain very high levels of a protein called gluten which makes processing of food made from this flour much easier. The problem is that many people are allergic to such high amounts of gluten. It also overloads the digestive system with simple carbohydrates and negatively affects the intestinal tract, the liver and the pancreas.

In some people this causes inflammation of the gut and related disease ( celiac and crohns ) plus fatty liver and pancreas overload and malfunction.

This inflammation also effects the joints.

We eat far too much sugar – a simple carbohydrate that overloads both the liver and the pancreas. People become fat, overweight. and develop fatty liver disease and diabetes. This is totally preventable and requires simply a reduction in sugar and white flour consumption.  This in turn will allow the body to function properly and reduce inflammation.

Often allergy test are useful to detect allergies however one of the best options is to simply eliminate products from your diet for a week to see if your feel better. Eliminate sugar,  white flour products and milk/diary for starters. These are known foods that cause allergies and inflammation.

The food pyramid is so wrong with its emphasis on wheat and diary – after all it was produced by the diary and wheat industry who hired the nutritionists who produced it.

So think about allergies and consider them as a cause of inflammation and arthritis symptoms.

Check out the great recipes online that are wheat and diary free and give your body a break from sugar and white flour overload. Eat well and you will let your body begin to heal itself in conjunction with proper hydration.



Dehydration causes joint pain, stiffness of the joints and long term excessive wear and damage to joints. If your body is short of water it will take water from areas that are not critical to survival and move it to the brain and vital organs that your survival depends upon.

Secondly as people grow older their body and brain does not signal thirst very efficiently and it can e felt as hunger when it’s not – it thirst.

Dehydration also causes confused thinking and imbalance leading to falls and other accidents. This is often misdiagnosed as aging and a decline in cognitive function.

Medicines are wrongly prescribed when the simple remedy is to just drink enough water each day.


How to halt the effects of rheumatism, arthritis and osteoporosis and then reverse them


Step 1 Proper Hydration

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

Just water.


Coffee tea and sodas cause the excretion/loss of more liquid than you take in. When you drink only these products you become progressively more dehydrated and the more you drink the worse your dehydration  becomes.

You will feel tired all the time, sleep poorly and be irritable. You will get a temporary energy boost with coffees, tea or soda and then you revert back to a tired state of chronic dehydration and poor thinking.

Children go crazy on sodas and then become tired and grumpy little animals that do not cooperate and are hell on wheels to cope with.

High sugar juices and other manufactured crap full of sugar really messes with the physical and mental health of both adults and children alike. Excess sugar causes depression and overloads your body to cause disease.


Start with this.

Your body will, when properly hydrated, have sufficient water to properly lubricate joints naturally.

Your body will, when it has enough water, properly hydrate the cartilage in joints so they work properly.  When joints  are properly lubricated naturally,  full movement is restored and inflammation and pain reduces.

The cartilage in a dehydrated body shrinks from lack of fluid and loses the ability to self lubricate and thereby  cushion joints from shock and it also wears down more rapidly.

This can be stopped and reversed by going to a state of proper hydration. Your blood pressure will likely fall and you will feel a lot better.

Proper hydration is necessary and one of the most important actions you take to heal not just joints but all body functions.

See this article about proper hydration and how to get to this vital state for good health.

If you are not properly hydrated you will continue to suffer the effects of arthritis and poor health in general. This is a quick and cheap fix – water is much better and cheaper than any medicine your doctor will give you.

It is important to rehydrate properly and not over do it. See the article above to learn more.

Step 2 Vitamins for Nutrition

A vitamin deficiency causes ill health. The modern methods of processing food are removing key nutrients from the food and adding more simple carbohydrates – sugar and white flour – which are overloading our bodies and causing disease.

It is recommended to take vitamins and minerals to prevent, halt and reverse the effects of arthritis, Note that this relies totally upon meeting the first condition of being properly hydrated. Without this even vitamin and mineral supplementation will not be effective.

People who are older or already have the disease will need to take greater amounts. See the publication Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone – Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians in the bibliography.


Robert Smith PhD, and Todd Penberthy PhD,  in their book “The Vitamin Cure For Arthritis”, 2015,Basic Health Publications, recommend the following supplementation :


Nutrient Recommended Dose
Vitamin A 5000 to 10000 iu per day
Beta-carotine 10-20 milligrams (mg)
Thiamine – B1 50-100 mg
Riboflavin – B2 50-100 mg
Niacin – B3 400-2000 mg, divided doses, can replace with niacinamide to prevent flushing
Pantothenate – B5 50 – 100 mg
Pyridoxine – B6 50 – 100 micrograms ( mcg )
Biotin – B7 50 – 100 micrograms (mcg)
Folate – B9 400 – 800 mcg
Cobalamin – B12 10 – 100 mcg
Vitamin C 2000 – 10000 mg divided doses across day to bowel tolerance
Vitamin D 2000 to 10000 IU divided doses across day and or direct sunlight for ½ hour per day summer. Other seasons longer.
Vitamin E 400-1200 IU natural mixed tocopherols, including gamatocopherol
Vitamin – K1 1000 mcg ( phylloquinone or phytonadione) when diet is inadequate
Vitamin – K2 1-15 mg of MK4 9 menquinone –4 or menatetranone ) or 100mcg of MK-7
Calcium 200 – 600mg per day ( 1.5 tp 3 mg per pound body weight ) of citrate or chelate type or cut to 50% if your diet includes it.
Magnesium 200-600 mg ( 1.5 to 3 mg per pound body weight per day) or 50% less if your diet includes it
Iron 0-20 mg, according to need and blood test
Zinc 20-50 mg
Copper 2 mg, taken with 50 mg of zinc
Manganese 1-10 mg
Selenium 50 – 200 mcg
Iodine 150 – 400 mcg
Omega 3 oils 1,000 – 3000 mg ( 1-2 teaspoons flax seed oil , 1-3 tablespoons flax meal, 1-2 tablespoons fish oil)
Alpha lipoic acid 100-500 mg
N-acetyl-cysteine 100-500 mg divided doses
Co enzyme Q10 100-200 mg
Trace elements Sea salt or multivitamin tablets

These are recommended intakes to halt and reverse the effects of arthritis. This will only be effective if it is undertaken with proper hydration. See here for proper hydration – daily water requirements.

Note it must be water and not coffee, tea or juices. The easy way is to drink two glasses of water before each meal and two at morning and afternoon breaks. You will pee a lot more but as your body becomes properly hydrated your health will improve dramatically as will the symptoms of your arthritis reduce significantly.


Daily Nutrition

Cut down on simple carbohydrates especially manufactured products containing white flour, sugar and corn sugar. These products cause liver overload and weight gain. You will lose weight, ease the load on your joints and feel better.

Dairy is not always good for some people. Think allergies and try eliminating some foods from your diet for a week or so and see if you feel better. Often times allergy tests will only reveal serious allergic reactions and not pick up ones that cause ongoing inflammation and weariness.

Eat slow release carbohydrates like oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potato and brown rice to get the carbs you require.

Eat wholemeal bread sparingly.

Avoid oils that have been heat treated and cook with butter and olive oil and coconut oil. These are good fats that your body will use rather than store as fat. Canola oil, soy oil and rice bran oil are not good because they overload your liver and will be stored as fat on your body – avoid these trans fats.

Think green. Make salads and eat lots of kale and collard greens – if you cook Greens the just lightly steam them to preserve nutrients.

Cut down on red meat and alternate with fish and eggs to get iron, amino acids and other vitamins and protein. Help build up your bone health and mass to avoid falls and breaks.

There’s lots of great recipes out there for good nutrition. Ketogenic nutrition is great for weight loss and good nutrition.

Stem Cell Therapy vs artificial joints

There is now an option to have joints repaired rather than replace by artificial ones.

This involves the placement of your stem cells in damaged joints so that your body can regrow and heal the damaged joints. This now being successfully implemented and seems to work well as long as the patient remains properly hydrated and takes large does of vitamin C and B complex before and after the procedure in addition to the supplements listed above.

Artificial joints have a limited life span and some people experience rejection and infection issues. For some there are toxicity issues as well from the implant materials

Do some googling if you wish to know more about joint repairs using your stem cells.


This has been a brief overview of how to cure arthritis naturally.

I recommend  you read more , see the great books below in the bibliography, and take action to recover your health and mobility.

Do not accept conventional medicine opinion and orthodox treatments as the only option.

Create your own health.

Gentle Exercise is Good

When the pain and swelling reduces, which it will if you take up the procedures in this article, go for walks.

I am privileged to live nearby a large and beautiful park. I go there in all seasons, most days, to walk and enjoy the miracles of nature. My knees like it despite several previous accidents and operations.

Good health and a joyful life



Robert Smith PhD &Todd; Penberthy PhD , “The Vitamin Cure For Arthritis”, 2015,Basic Health Publications,

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A W Saul PhD, ed, The Orthomolecular Treatment Of Chronic Disease – 65 Experts on Therapeutic and Preventative Nutrition, 2014, Basic Health Publications

The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, various.

Take Vitamin D for healthy bones, joints and spine – natural healing and nutrition.

Vitamin D deficit is commonplace and leads to serious disease . It impact significantly on the health of your bones and joints.

Long-term shortage of vitamin D can cause rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint destruction and  and bone fractures

This suffering is unnecessary and can be avoided.

Vitamin D is a key vitamin to take for good bone health – bones,joints and back

Vitamin D is also a precursor for feeling well and happy – the winter blues are caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Know someone who is often tired and grumpy? Try vitamin D to boost them out this melancholy state. Its works and is a proven remedy for winter blues

If you live inside the upper latitudes – above 40 degrees – for at least 2/3 of the year you will have insufficient exposure to sunlight to make enough vitamin D and will be deficient – you will be less well than you could be and feel “down” or lethargic and not so good about life.

Vitamin D is essential to keep or restore healthy bone mass. Taking vitamin D is how to restore bone mass to  healthy levels  plus quickly reduce the effects and pain of arthritis and osteoporosis. It is necessary to take calcium as a supplement with vitamin d to ensure that you body has access to sufficient calcium to maintain bone health.

The forms of calcium that are most effective are calcium orotate and citrate.  Adults take up to 400 milligrams daily and for children 1/3 of this is recommended – 100 mg per day. For children the rda doses are 1/3 of the rda for adults..

Take boron as a supplement with vitamin D to significantly reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis in joints and reverse the effects of osteoporosis.


Our body manufactures vitamin D – one of the few vitamins we can make. It is created by our skin reacting to sunlight exposure. There is a view that a minimum of twenty minutes exposure to direct sunlight, between 11pm and 2pm,  is required for the body to manufacture the minimum amount of vitamin D to maintain good health.

Persons with darker skin pigmentation need a longer exposure to sunlight because their pigmentation provides greater resistance to sun light penetrating their skin.


So why take vitamin D if your body makes it?


In winter most people do not have sufficient exposure to sunlight to manufacture enough vitamin D to remain healthy. The vitamin D level falls  to very unhealthy low levels

We stay inside our houses, cars, schools, offices etc all day. Even in the summer lots of people now cover up to reduce exposure to the sun and wear lots of sunblock to prevent sun rays contacting their skin.

Due to modern urban life styles even in the summer people do not get sufficient sun exposure to make healthy amounts of vitamin D.

By the way do not use sunblock if you can avoid it – it is being manufactured with ever more effective skin penetration properties ( the nano particles in it)  however it is chemical cocktail that you do not want in your skin or blood. Its not safe. The best option is just wear clothes and a hat!

Thus, the opportunity for our body to make adequate amounts of vitamin D is greatly reduced and often does not occur at all.


What happens if your body is vitamin D deficient?

Even conventional medicine recommends taking vitamin D to prevent health issues related to bones. Rickets, a loss of bone mass and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

So deteriorating bone health is an acknowledged and serious result of vitamin D deficit. It seems to affect infants, children and teenagers and those over 50 years most seriously.

A long-term vitamin D deficiency in adults may only start to manifest as arthritis and spine issues in the second half of their life span.

During fall, winter and spring when there is less contact with sun on your skin it is know that people become less happy, get winter blues and sometimes lapse into depression. This is easily reversed by taking at least 1000iu of vitamin d per day – 400 iu for children.

Give vitamin D  to tired and grumpy family members who are a pain to deal with  – especially during fall, winter and spring. Give them vitamin B3 as well – its a great mood enhancer. You will get back your own happiness and the that of the ones you care for.

There is very little research available on the effects of a vitamin D deficit on the rest of the body however if bone structure is adversely affected them it is reasonable to expect that the body cells that are denied adequate vitamin D will not function well and that there is an adverse effect on general health and well-being in addition to one’s bones and joints.


Most persons with osteoporosis have low vitamin D levels. Along with calcium,800 IU of vitamin D daily has been shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to increase bone density, and to reduce hip fractures by an astounding 43%.26 Fractures and their complications are a major cause of death in the elderly. Up to “27% of all hip fracture victims die within six months of their fall, usually of complications following surgery or from infections.”27 There are over 250,000 hip fractures annually among persons over age 65, and probably “90% of all fractures past age 60 are due to osteoporosis.””


“On August 4, 2002, Reuters News Service reported that “the number of cases of rickets in the United States has crept up in recent years. Breast milk contains many valuable nutrients but not enough vitamin D to meet the daily requirement of 200 IU. Exposure to the sun’s rays normally generates Vitamin D in the skin, but applying sunblock stops that process.”


“With the exception of oily fish, foods do not contain a significant amount of vitamin D. Because of concern over mercury levels, eating the flesh of fish may not be practical advice, and, while it contains no mercury, there is widespread dislike for cod liver oil.”

Source :

Vitamin D: Deficiency, Diversity and Dosage, A W Saul, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Vol 18, 2003

The product calcium citrate is thought to be more available for absorption than other forms of calcium. It is essential that it is taken with vitamin D for the body to revitalize bone structure and density.


How much vitamin D should you take each day?


Current US Daily Reference Intakes (DRI) for vitamin D are:

– infants 0-12 months, 200 IU (5 mcg)

– Males and females 1-50 years, 200 IU (5 mcg)

– 51-70 years, 400 IU (10 mcg)

– 71 years and older, 600 IU (15 mcg)

Note all the quantities are in  mcg  or micrograms – the quantities are tiny. See the conversions below :

– 1 microgram ( mcg) = 0.001 milligram

– 1000 milligrams = 1 gram

-1000 grams = 1 kilogram

It is evident that the daily recommended intakes by the medical branch of the government are very tiny amounts and do not take into account the existing deficit of vitamin D and the need to make it up.

Nor does it take into account the increasing need for vitamin D as people age.  2000 iu  per day is fine in two doses. If you are experiencing severe joint pain and stiffness  take up to 5000 iu per day.

Rickets is a horrible disease of infants, children and teenagers whereby they have weak and deformed bones and joints. This can be present as a sub-clinincal symptom whereby there are not full symptoms presented but there is still underdevelopment, deformation of bones and joints, and sufferers are more prone to fractures.


Is vitamin D toxic if you take too much?

No one has ever died from an overdose of vitamins. This is data from US poison control center annual data. See :

Doctor Yourself, pp372-374, AW Saul,  Ph.d, Basic Health Publications,2013

There is a growing voice in the health community that the daily government allowance is too low for people suffering from diseases of the bone and that they can safely take up to three times the recommended quantity spread over a day to reduce the effects of bone diseases.

In some regions there is a shortage of the natural element boron in the soil and thus in the food. Boron is an essential element for bone health.


Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Both arthritis and osteoporosis are bone diseases that are caused by not having enough vitamin D and boron. The medical profession incorrectly focus just on calcium which is not the full picture.

These painful and disfiguring diseases are preventable and the effects can be reversed.

Take vitamin D,  calcium citrate and boron plus vitamin C to reduce the symptoms of pain and stiffness and restore proper join mobility. Magnesium, zinc and selenium are also important for bone health.

People taking vitamin D to relieve the symptoms of arthritis report a significant decrease in the pain of arthritis and an increase in joint mobility.

This occurs quite rapidly over the course of a month and by taking boron daily as a supplement. Take 3 mg of boron  per day or up to 30mg if pain is severe from arthritis of the joints.

The other key factor in overcoming arthritis and osteoporosis is to ensure that you are properly hydrated. The condition of dehydration has a serious negative effect on health,

Joint pain and stiffness is just one of the many negative effects of dehydration on your health.

An adult needs to drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day to be properly  hydrated. Click here to see my page about proper hydration.


Hip fractures and other broken bones

To ensure that he bones heal quickly and well take a combination of vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium citrate and boron. Vitamin C is used by your body to heal damage and when your are injured the need is great.

Take 1000mg of vitamin C every two hours until healing is effected.

Note that if you take too much vitamin C you may experience gas or diahorrhea – this is called the bowel tolerance. You can safely take it until your experience discomfort and them reduce your intake slightly until the discomfort goes away. If you are really in a vitamin C deficit – many people are – then your body will gratefully receive large amounts until you are restored to a state of health again. Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for healing.

Its has been proven to speed up recovery from injuries and operations and reduce the risk of infections.


So in summary the key nutrition for bones is

  • vitamin d
  • vitamin c
  • calcium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, zinc and boron.
  • water

They work together to give your body the ingredients its needs to restore your bones and joints to a state of good health and so you can move more freely and experience a significant reduction in joint pain and swelling.

Adults can take safely two 1000 iu vitamin d per day – 1 morning and night. Children 400 IU per day.

Vitamin C needs to be topped up over the course of the day to maintain anadequate level in your blood – the serum level. Take a 1000 mg tablet three times per day . One option is to take one 250 mg tablet every hour.

Calcium comes in different forms and should not be overused – take a minimum of 200 mg per day and in a form that is easily absorbed – the chelate form, orotate or citrate are absorbed more readily.

It is important to take the vitamin D with the calcium to ensure your body can correctly metabolise the calcium. Over use of calcium can lead to issues with too much in your blood. Natural sources of calcium are great. Leafy green vegetables are a great source.

Magnesium is also very important both for bones and your nervous system. Restless leg syndrome or limb twitching while sleeping is a sign of a shortage of magnesium. The ortate, citrate or chelate or chloride forms  are best for absorption. !00 mg per day.

Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day – if you are dehydrated then your body will not have enough water to adequately lubricate your joints. The result will be stiffness and joint pain.  Dehydration is a major cause of joint inflammation and loss of flexibility. It also cause lung dysfunction and breathing problems.

As people age they tend not to feel thirst and are badly dehydrated when they feel thirst. An easy routine is to take two glasses of water before each meal. Do not drink during or after a meal because it dilutes the digestion fluids in the stomach and thus you do properly digest food.


Eat good food. Avoid sugar. white flour and products made with it. Do research about good nutrition and help your body heal by giving it good food. Do not eat processed food containing white flour, sugar, or corn fructose [ corn syrup sugar].

Eat carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and not wheat based products. Sweet potato, legumes and other starchy vegetables containing complex carbohydrates will help regulate blood sugar levels so you do not experience huge highs and lows or glucose in your blood – your pancreas will not be over worked.

Lose weight and you will have less stress on your joints and be able to move more freely. Your heart and body will love you for it.


Enjoy optimum health and take vitamin D to maintain bone and joint health and to prevent arthritis.

See the arthritis article here.

Check out the great reads in the bibliography below for more information about vitamin D and how important it is for your good health.

Cheers Jack


Doctor Yourself – Natural Healing That Works – AW Saul. 2003.2012 Basic Health

Vitamin D: Deficiency, Diversity and Dosage, A W Saul, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Vol 18, 2003

The Vitamin Cure For Arthritis.R G Smith,T Penberthy,  2015. Baisc Health

The Orthomolecular Treatment Of Chronic Disease. AW Saul ed, 2014, Basic Health.


Vitamin C: The Real Story

This Is a Review of the book : Vitamin C : The Real Story

This book details how to use vitamin effectively to maintain good health and recover from injuries and illnesses.

Vitamin C is used to prevent infections, its antiviral and antibacterial, and helps people recover from injuries and operations. Cuts, wounds and ulcers heal more quickly and effectively if vitamin C is taken orally.

Your body needs more Vitamin C to heal itself.

The health giving properties of vitamin are not acknowledged by the medical establishment and drug manufacturers to the detriment of the well being of all people so this book tells the truth about vitamin C and beneficial uses of it to enhance your health and well being.

The book details are :

Vitamin C : The Real Story. Steve Hickey, Ph.d, Andrew Saul, Ph.d. Basic Health Publications,2008

It can be purchased on Amazon for $19.39.

A Quote From The Book

Their words are quoted directly from the book . Its eloquent and informative :

” Just about everything doctors have been telling you about vitamin C is wrong.

Research into the clinical applications of vitamin C is progressing rapidly despite a lack of funding from conventional medicine. Orthomolecular medicine,  which uses nutrients in large doses to treat disease, is regarded as highly controversial by the medical establishment. The rejection of the Orthomolecular approach has little basis in science and reflects a bias at the heart of the status quo.

  • You’ll see that megadoses of vitamin C have proven to be an effective antibiotic, a non-toxic anticancer agent, and also a treatment for heart disease.
  • We’ll explain the real reasons behind conventional medicine’s rejection of vitamin C therapy
  • You’ll meet the pioneers of vitamin C research, who often faced great resistance in their advocacy for the health benefits of this nutrient.

Vitamin C is a simple molecule with powerful effects. If you want to be healthy, you should take enough vitamin C. After reading this book you will know why and how much.”

I have read the book and it does exactly what it promises. It tells clearly how much vitamin C to take and why.

Are Vitamins Toxic?

Vitamins are not toxic.  There are no recorded deaths from taking vitamins. The source is Andrew W Saul in his book :

Doctor Yourself – Natural Healing that works. Andrew W Saul,Phd,.Basic Health Publications,2012

Go to page 372 of this book. He uses the data collected by the American Association Of Poison Control Centers. There have been no deaths whatsoever from taking vitamins. None at all for the 28 years that the organisation has been recording and reporting deaths due to toxic substances.

Its a lie if someone claims that vitamins are toxic and cause illness and death. This not true.

Abram Hoffer MD,Ph.d – orthomolecular medicine practitioner

Abram Hoffer wrote the foreword for Vitamin C the true story. I quote below from this:

” Considering the properties of vitamin C in the body, it is not surprising that it has proven so valuable. I will list only three very important roles , as you will read about the rest of them in this book :

  • Antioxidant – Without antioxidants we we would slowly burn up from the oxygen in our atmosphere. It is essential that the body keep oxidation under control.
  • Collagen formation – Collagen is an important structural protein in the body’s connective tissues. Lack of vitamin C , is why, in scurvy the collagen tissues break down so severely.
  • Histamine scavenger- Each molecule of vitamin C  destroys one molecule of histamine. The bleeding tissues and loosening of collagen fibres in scurvy is caused by the massive build up of histamine in the body which does not contain enough vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very safe.”

Its an interesting, easy and informative read about being healthy

Vitamin effectively reduces the effects of colds and flu. The secret to success is to take one 1000mg tablet every two hours until the symptoms go away and you feel better. It works – I have used this effectively when afflicted by a cold or the flu.

Nobel Prize winning Scientist Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize for research into vitamin C. He  proved the the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of vitamin C.

He is the only person in history to win 2 Nobel Prizes for his work as a scientist.

Bleeding gums and receding gums is a sign of being low in vitamin C and vitamin B3 – niacin. Tooth and gum health is not just about dental hygiene its also necessary to maintain an adequate amount of vitamin C and vitamin B3 in your body.

Three 1000mg tablets of vitamin  C three times per day and three 250 mg tablets of vitamin B3 is a maintenance level for a well adult.

What is the best source of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is made naturally by plants and animals but unfortunately not by  humans.

It is also manufactured. So is one kind better than the other? No its simply ascorbic acid no matter what its source is. It is equally effective whether its from a natural source or is manufactured.

If you try to achieve high intake using food sources its impossible to physically consume and digest the amounts of food required.

Supplementation with tablets or powder is the way to go. You can get ascorbic acid – the pure form. You can get sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid combined with sodium; and calcium ascorbate which is ascorbic acid combined with calcium.

Sodium ascorbate is good for people with sensitive stomachs who find the plain ascorbic acid a bit too acidic – its a weak acid but for some its too strong.

There is much debate about how much the body can absorb and what preparations of vitamin C are better in this context than others. What counts is the serum level of vitamin C in the blood which indicates how much is made available to all parts of your body – to all cells.

The key is to take vitamin C over the course of the day – for example at breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and before bed. Vitamin C is water soluble like most vitamins and you body does not store it for later use.

So its important to maintain a constant level in your blood for optimum health and to boost your immune system to  fight illnesses and repair injuries.

Vitamin C-  The True Story

So if you want more good info about vitamin C read this  book – its about how to be healthy, and relieve the effects of illnesses; and recover from injuries..

Buy the book here.

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regards Jack

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – a book review

This is a review of the book entitled :

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty. Don’t Treat Thirst With Medications.

F Batmanghelidj, MD, 1992, Global Health Solutions.

 Read this book because it will  improve your health.

This book is the “how to” on being properly hydrated and thus healthy.

It’s about how being properly hydrated leads to excellent health and transforms people from illness to good health.

How much water should I drink each day?


The minimum for an
adult to drink each day is six to eight glasses – the glass size is an
eight ounce glass.


Imagine living daily in a state of optimum health and well-being – feeling alert and happy and full of good energy. Free from aches and pains and perpetual fatigue.

If you want to get to this place I urge you to read on to get to a place of optimum well-being.

If you are not properly hydrated then you will never get to the place of optimum health and well-being,

You can exercise and eat well however if you are dehydrated you will not make it to the good place

Most important are the negative effects on your health that are caused by being in a dehydrated state on a daily basis. This is important knowledge for you to be aware of for your sake and the ones you care for.

Who is this book for? Anyone who wants to significantly improve their health and well-being by drinking the right amount of water each day.

If you use the link below to buy this book I will earn a tiny commission as an Amazon affiliate. That will be used to cover the cost of hosting this website and creating more content.

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What the book details

In his book Dr. Batmanghelidj MD gives detailed information about the very negative  effects of dehydration on your body and how dehydration leads to many illnesses.

It is one of the leading causes of asthma. When your body is dehydrated your lung function is seriously affected and reduced.

Children are particularly at risk from dehydration because their bodies are small and their reserve of water is similarly small. A child can become really dehydrated quickly – especially in hot weather. They forget to drink until they feel thirsty and by that time they are significantly dehydrated, tired and grumpy.

He details how to hydrate the body and reduce the effects of the illnesses so that in time they disappear altogether.

His experience and knowledge cannot be refuted and has not been. He is a true authority on the negative effects of dehydration.

A great part of the book is the testimonials of people whose lives have been transformed by his help and advice – from poor health to good health. Both children and adults experiences are detailed.

These great testimonials include the reduction in frequency and severity of asthma attacks due to proper hydration being achieved.

Salt is a very important ingredient for good health. Salt is the source of sodium for  your body and sodium is needed by every cell in your body to function properly.

Sodium is water soluble and thus you need to take salt daily to keep the sodium level in your cells at the correct level.Low salt diets are dangerous for your health.

If you drink more water then you need to take in more salt . For an adult the recommended quantity is a level teaspoon per day when you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day – the minimum daily requirement..

If you drink too much water the sodium level in your body will reduce to dangerously low levels and lead to swelling of the brain. Similarly if you do take enough salt your body’s sodium levels will become depleted and lead to illness.

So live well and take the correct amount of water to be well hydrated but also take salt to maintain the essential sodium levels for your body.

Should you buy it for yourself and your friends?

Yes because proper hydration is one of the important pillars to good health. The one book contains all you need to know on how to get there. The book also details the very negative effects of dehydration. Its important to know this so that you can help yourself and others to be healthy and well.

It is very clear, easy to understand and well written.

About The Author – F. Batmanghelidj, MD – an amazing journey.

What a life. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was born in Iran in 1931. He went to Fettres College in Scotland and graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School Of London University.

There he studied under the mentorship of Sir Alexander Flemming who shared a Nobel prize for the
discovery of penicillin.

Dr Batmanghelidj  MD practiced medicine in England and then returned to Iran where he helped to create hospitals and medical centers.

In 1979 Iran was beset by revolution and Dr. Batmanghelidj  MD was arrested and detained as a political prisoner. He was incarcerated in the infamous Evin Prison along with 3000 others. The conditions were awful in a prison that by design could hold a maximum of 1000 inmates.

Soon the prisoners were aware that he was a doctor and came to him for help. Ha asked the prison administrators for medical supplies and medicine to treat his fellow prisoners. Hi requests were denied. The overcrowding in the prison was very bad and there were many ill men.

The stress was huge. Each day men were taken away for interrogation and often they were executed.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD had no supplies. There was nothing he use to treat his fellow prisoners except for salt and water. It was in this precarious situation that he discovered the healing powers of water.

The  main complaint among the prisoners was stress induced peptic ulcers.

The first patient he treated had severe peptic ulcer pain. Dr. Batmanghelidj MD gave him two glasses of water and told him to take 2 more every three hours. The man became pain free on following this regime and was free of this complaint for the 4 months he remained in prison.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD was incarcerated in Evin prison for two years and seven months. He chose to stay an extra four months to research the powerful effect of water as a healing agent for the body and help many prisoners.

In 1982, he was released from prison and escaped to America. His findings on the use of water to heal peptic ulcers and the effects of dehydration on this condition were published by The Journal Of Clinical Gastroenterology in 1983 and The New York Times Science Watch in 1983.

He continued to practice medicine and study the negative effects of dehydration plus the curative power of water when patients were properly hydrated.

In 1992, he wrote and published the first edition of his book “The Body’s Many Cries For Water”.

He continued his research and went on to write 5 other books about the negative effects of dehydration. He focused on particular issues such as asthma, obesity, depression and other serious medical conditions. He toured and lectured and gave interviews on radio and television.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD, passed on November 15, 2004, from pneumonia complications aged 73.

Controversy – taking it to the medical establishment.

Dr. Batmanghelidj MD was fearless in promoting his message of how wellness depends upon being properly hydrated. He took on the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession for improper prescribing of medicines when the problem was caused by dehydration.

Below is a quote from the preface of his book :

“It is a fact that correctly prescribed and used medications make over 2 million people sicker and kill over 100,000 every year, while mistakes involving prescription medications kill a further 100,000 per year…….. But the most fundamental mistake is the actual use of normally prescribed chemicals in standard treatment procedures. This is the true killer process. The reason is simple : when the body needs a top-up of water, it is given toxic chemicals instead.

In 2003 the unthinkable happened. Dr. Allen Roses, international vice-president of Glaxo-SmithKline, one of the major manufacturers of drugs in the world went public in a front-page interview with the Independent newspaper in London, England. He admitted , “The vast majority of drugs – more than 90% – only work in 30 to 50 percent of the

“The two previous editions of this book addressed the issue of dehydration as the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body. You are now aware that most drugs do not help patients; indeed these drugs can harm or even kill them…..”

“After all when the body needs water nothing else will do.”

Take action to improve your health and your family’s and friends health.

click here to buy this book

This is part of a personal blog about good health and nutrition.

This review of mine appears on another website I have created  and thus is not plagiarism but motivated by the importance of this book and my need to tell as may people as I can about it.

Wishing you and your family optimum health.

go to my page about how much water to drink daily

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Take Charge of Your Health

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Vitamins have no toxic side effects.

The side effects of prescribed medications can be serious and life threatening. The cure is worse that the complaint

Each year thousands of people die from the side effects of PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS.

People die from the side effects of the medicine their doctor gave them through proper channels. Rule 1 check out the side effects of the prescribed medicines your are taking.


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