Arthritis Prevention and Cures – how vitamins and nutrition will help you

Arthritis is caused by both dehydration and a DEFICIT  of vitamins and key trace elements, namely

-vitamin B complex and especially vitamin B 3

– vitamin D

– vitamin C

– magnesium

– calcium;

– zinc

– boron

– manganese

– chromium

plus inflammation from poor nutrition.

You can prevent it, stop it from worsening and significantly reduce the pain and loss of joint mobility when it manifests in your body.

Pain killers and prescription drugs for arthritis do get a mention here. The remedies for arthritis and the prevention of arthritis in this article are natural, effective and proven. The side effects are zero unlike prescribed drugs and over the counter pain medicines.

Every year over 100,000 Americans die from the side effects of medicines that have been prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter.

These drugs suppress the symptoms, have terrible side effects and do not cure!

Take a look at what works – natural prevention and healing of arthritis.




Arthritic Conditions

Sub-clinical expression

This refers to a situation where either arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis is present but has not fully developed as a disease.

It will be apparent as

– occasional swelling of joints

– loss of dexterity or restriction in the range of movement in a joint

– stiffness when standing or moving after being seated or resting

– occasional pain in joints

– a bone fracture from what was seemingly a minor fall or accident ( loss of bone mass/strength/health)

– back pain that comes and goes.

This is not easy to diagnose due to the intermittent nature of the symptoms but take notice for these are warning signs of a move to a full disease state.

Take heed of these signs.

It’s not just aging and needs to be actioned quickly to stop the disease progression and reverse it.


The disease is sufficiently advanced in your body to make diagnosis easy. You have the disease and need to do something to stop it from worsening and then heal the effects.

Back and or joint pain. Swelling of joints and restricted movement in joints.

Xrays or scans reveal joint wear and damage. There is pain from joints when active.

Note that softening of the bones is a sign of osteoporosis whereby bone mass is reduced and bones are weakened. This cause posture deformation and the situtation where people are bent forward due to weakening of their bones and sometimes hairline fractures which cause changes in posture due to lack of support from the bone structures.


Lymes Disease

Lymes disease is spreading through the Nort American population. It’s a nasty bacterial and viral infection and can be misdiagnosed as a form of arthritis.

It causes effects similar to arthritis and needs treatment as soon as possible.

Get blood tests for the Lyme parasite and anti-bodies.


There is a real problem with non-specific inflammation of body tissues. This is sometimes referred to as autoimmune disease. In most cases the medical profession is baffled and can do little except prescribe medicines to suppress the symptoms but which have very bad side effects; e.g.. steroids.

Often this is caused by a combination of dehydration and poor nutrition – too much sugar, refined carbohydrate ( food made from white flour ) and a deficit of the key vitamins needed to maintain good health.

We are both thirsty and malnourished but don’t feel it except it’s manifests as disease and inflammation of the tissues.

Most main stream medical professionals will prescribe suppressing medicines, to reduce symptoms, rather advise you to make good choices for nutrition and proper hydration.

Nervous System Dysfunction

This can occur due to poor nutrition and can quickly be remedied by taking vitamin B complex, magnesium, zinc and multivitamin plus mineral tablets. Plus proper hydration – it is vital that you are properly hydrated to recover from arthritis or significantly reduce the effects.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Other liquids such as coffee, tea and sodas will not hydrate you and have the reverse effect – they cause you to become further dehydrated and unwell. Lack of proper hydration causes many illnesses and diseases yet is not taken seriously by many practitioners and patients.

When people grow older and become dehydrated they tend to mistake hunger for thirst.

Many illnesses result from dehydration and can be reversed with a regime of proper hydration.

Aches and pains and confused thinking can be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies plus dehydration. It is wrongly diagnosed simply as “aging” or even worse as Alzheimer or dementia. It may well be none of these and is easily reversed with proper hydration ( a minimum of six glasses of water per day – yes water – NOT coffee, tea or juice or sodas!!!} plus vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Undiagnosed Food Allergies and Malnutrition

In the 1930ies there was an epidemic of a nasty disease called Pellagra. This was a direct result of processed food causing malnutrition because key nutrients had been removed from the food during processing – the product was white flour. All the B vitamins had been removed from the flour and people became deficient of vitamin B – specifically niacin/niacinamide and very ill.  Some of the the symptoms of  pellagra are similar to arthritis.

Supplementation of diets with vitamin B complex cured pellagra.

The authorities eventually took action and required the addition of vitamin to white flour. It worked.

However diseases can exist at a sub-clinical level. The disease is present but not easily diagnosed. The suffer feels tired all the time, has some joint issues and is generally unhappy and grumpy. This is just put down to aging and considered untreatable. Very wrong. Supplementation with vitamins and proper hydration will cure this.

It has been proven that sugar and white flour products elevate blood sugar levels, overload the liver and the pancreas and lead to both diabetes and autoimmune disease – inflammation of the body tissues.

Modern strains of wheat have been deliberately bred to contain very high levels of a protein called gluten which makes processing of food made from this flour much easier. The problem is that many people are allergic to such high amounts of gluten. It also overloads the digestive system with simple carbohydrates and negatively affects the intestinal tract, the liver and the pancreas.

In some people this causes inflammation of the gut and related disease ( celiac and crohns ) plus fatty liver and pancreas overload and malfunction.

This inflammation also effects the joints.

We eat far too much sugar – a simple carbohydrate that overloads both the liver and the pancreas. People become fat, overweight. and develop fatty liver disease and diabetes. This is totally preventable and requires simply a reduction in sugar and white flour consumption.  This in turn will allow the body to function properly and reduce inflammation.

Often allergy test are useful to detect allergies however one of the best options is to simply eliminate products from your diet for a week to see if your feel better. Eliminate sugar,  white flour products and milk/diary for starters. These are known foods that cause allergies and inflammation.

The food pyramid is so wrong with its emphasis on wheat and diary – after all it was produced by the diary and wheat industry who hired the nutritionists who produced it.

So think about allergies and consider them as a cause of inflammation and arthritis symptoms.

Check out the great recipes online that are wheat and diary free and give your body a break from sugar and white flour overload. Eat well and you will let your body begin to heal itself in conjunction with proper hydration.



Dehydration causes joint pain, stiffness of the joints and long term excessive wear and damage to joints. If your body is short of water it will take water from areas that are not critical to survival and move it to the brain and vital organs that your survival depends upon.

Secondly as people grow older their body and brain does not signal thirst very efficiently and it can e felt as hunger when it’s not – it thirst.

Dehydration also causes confused thinking and imbalance leading to falls and other accidents. This is often misdiagnosed as aging and a decline in cognitive function.

Medicines are wrongly prescribed when the simple remedy is to just drink enough water each day.


How to halt the effects of rheumatism, arthritis and osteoporosis and then reverse them


Step 1 Proper Hydration

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

Just water.


Coffee tea and sodas cause the excretion/loss of more liquid than you take in. When you drink only these products you become progressively more dehydrated and the more you drink the worse your dehydration  becomes.

You will feel tired all the time, sleep poorly and be irritable. You will get a temporary energy boost with coffees, tea or soda and then you revert back to a tired state of chronic dehydration and poor thinking.

Children go crazy on sodas and then become tired and grumpy little animals that do not cooperate and are hell on wheels to cope with.

High sugar juices and other manufactured crap full of sugar really messes with the physical and mental health of both adults and children alike. Excess sugar causes depression and overloads your body to cause disease.


Start with this.

Your body will, when properly hydrated, have sufficient water to properly lubricate joints naturally.

Your body will, when it has enough water, properly hydrate the cartilage in joints so they work properly.  When joints  are properly lubricated naturally,  full movement is restored and inflammation and pain reduces.

The cartilage in a dehydrated body shrinks from lack of fluid and loses the ability to self lubricate and thereby  cushion joints from shock and it also wears down more rapidly.

This can be stopped and reversed by going to a state of proper hydration. Your blood pressure will likely fall and you will feel a lot better.

Proper hydration is necessary and one of the most important actions you take to heal not just joints but all body functions.

See this article about proper hydration and how to get to this vital state for good health.

If you are not properly hydrated you will continue to suffer the effects of arthritis and poor health in general. This is a quick and cheap fix – water is much better and cheaper than any medicine your doctor will give you.

It is important to rehydrate properly and not over do it. See the article above to learn more.

Step 2 Vitamins for Nutrition

A vitamin deficiency causes ill health. The modern methods of processing food are removing key nutrients from the food and adding more simple carbohydrates – sugar and white flour – which are overloading our bodies and causing disease.

It is recommended to take vitamins and minerals to prevent, halt and reverse the effects of arthritis, Note that this relies totally upon meeting the first condition of being properly hydrated. Without this even vitamin and mineral supplementation will not be effective.

People who are older or already have the disease will need to take greater amounts. See the publication Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone – Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians in the bibliography.


Robert Smith PhD, and Todd Penberthy PhD,  in their book “The Vitamin Cure For Arthritis”, 2015,Basic Health Publications, recommend the following supplementation :


Nutrient Recommended Dose
Vitamin A 5000 to 10000 iu per day
Beta-carotine 10-20 milligrams (mg)
Thiamine – B1 50-100 mg
Riboflavin – B2 50-100 mg
Niacin – B3 400-2000 mg, divided doses, can replace with niacinamide to prevent flushing
Pantothenate – B5 50 – 100 mg
Pyridoxine – B6 50 – 100 micrograms ( mcg )
Biotin – B7 50 – 100 micrograms (mcg)
Folate – B9 400 – 800 mcg
Cobalamin – B12 10 – 100 mcg
Vitamin C 2000 – 10000 mg divided doses across day to bowel tolerance
Vitamin D 2000 to 10000 IU divided doses across day and or direct sunlight for ½ hour per day summer. Other seasons longer.
Vitamin E 400-1200 IU natural mixed tocopherols, including gamatocopherol
Vitamin – K1 1000 mcg ( phylloquinone or phytonadione) when diet is inadequate
Vitamin – K2 1-15 mg of MK4 9 menquinone –4 or menatetranone ) or 100mcg of MK-7
Calcium 200 – 600mg per day ( 1.5 tp 3 mg per pound body weight ) of citrate or chelate type or cut to 50% if your diet includes it.
Magnesium 200-600 mg ( 1.5 to 3 mg per pound body weight per day) or 50% less if your diet includes it
Iron 0-20 mg, according to need and blood test
Zinc 20-50 mg
Copper 2 mg, taken with 50 mg of zinc
Manganese 1-10 mg
Selenium 50 – 200 mcg
Iodine 150 – 400 mcg
Omega 3 oils 1,000 – 3000 mg ( 1-2 teaspoons flax seed oil , 1-3 tablespoons flax meal, 1-2 tablespoons fish oil)
Alpha lipoic acid 100-500 mg
N-acetyl-cysteine 100-500 mg divided doses
Co enzyme Q10 100-200 mg
Trace elements Sea salt or multivitamin tablets

These are recommended intakes to halt and reverse the effects of arthritis. This will only be effective if it is undertaken with proper hydration. See here for proper hydration – daily water requirements.

Note it must be water and not coffee, tea or juices. The easy way is to drink two glasses of water before each meal and two at morning and afternoon breaks. You will pee a lot more but as your body becomes properly hydrated your health will improve dramatically as will the symptoms of your arthritis reduce significantly.


Daily Nutrition

Cut down on simple carbohydrates especially manufactured products containing white flour, sugar and corn sugar. These products cause liver overload and weight gain. You will lose weight, ease the load on your joints and feel better.

Dairy is not always good for some people. Think allergies and try eliminating some foods from your diet for a week or so and see if you feel better. Often times allergy tests will only reveal serious allergic reactions and not pick up ones that cause ongoing inflammation and weariness.

Eat slow release carbohydrates like oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potato and brown rice to get the carbs you require.

Eat wholemeal bread sparingly.

Avoid oils that have been heat treated and cook with butter and olive oil and coconut oil. These are good fats that your body will use rather than store as fat. Canola oil, soy oil and rice bran oil are not good because they overload your liver and will be stored as fat on your body – avoid these trans fats.

Think green. Make salads and eat lots of kale and collard greens – if you cook Greens the just lightly steam them to preserve nutrients.

Cut down on red meat and alternate with fish and eggs to get iron, amino acids and other vitamins and protein. Help build up your bone health and mass to avoid falls and breaks.

There’s lots of great recipes out there for good nutrition. Ketogenic nutrition is great for weight loss and good nutrition.

If you are in a state of deficit for key vitamins then nutrition alone cannot remedy your deficit of vitamins. It is physically impossible to eat enough food to get the vitamins you need to heal. It is critical that you take vitamin supplements to rebuild the vitamin levels in your body and heal.

Stem Cell Therapy vs artificial joints

There is now an option to have joints repaired rather than replace by artificial ones.

This involves the placement of your stem cells in damaged joints so that your body can regrow and heal the damaged joints. This now being successfully implemented and seems to work well as long as the patient remains properly hydrated and takes large does of vitamin C and B complex before and after the procedure in addition to the supplements listed above.

Artificial joints have a limited life span and some people experience rejection and infection issues. For some there are toxicity issues as well from the implant materials

Do some googling if you wish to know more about joint repairs using your stem cells.

In Summary

This has been a brief overview of how to cure arthritis naturally.

I recommend  you read more , see the great books below in the bibliography, and take action to recover your health and mobility.

In the book Orthomolecular Medicine For Everyone – Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Doctors, it tells of the clinical experience of  William Kaufman , MD, PhD who successfully treated arthritis in his patients to relieve pain and restore mobility.

The key vitamin he used was vitamin  B3 in the form of niacinamide which he used successfully in his medical practice to cure arthritis.

He used doses of 250 milligrams of vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide . The protocol was 10 doses of 250 mgs of niacinamide over the course of one day. This worked well and was applied for months  for patients with the most severe arthritis  conditions.

These patients stopped suffering pain and restored their mobility. They had been so deprived of vitamin B3 for so long and had developed  a dependency for vitamin B3. They had to keep on taking it for the rest of their lives to remain free of the arthritis symptoms and effects.

Do not accept conventional medicine opinion and orthodox treatments as the only option. Steroids and pain killers have awful side effects and  many only suppress the symptoms of arthritis and do not cure it.

Create your own health.

Gentle Exercise is Good

When the pain and swelling reduces, which it will if you take up the procedures in this article, go for walks.

I am privileged to live nearby a large and beautiful park. I go there in all seasons, most days, to walk and enjoy the miracles of nature. My knees like it despite several previous accidents and operations.

Good health and a joyful life



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